Vertical compound grinding of high-precision small cylinders

Vertical grinders have the advantages of high grinding precision, high processing efficiency, small footprint, and high degree of automation. Especially in the clamping of large workpieces, it has advantages that horizontal grinders do not have. With a vertical grinder, gravity can be used to hold the workpiece in place without the spindle deforming. In addition, compared to horizontal grinders, the clamping force used to hold the workpiece is smaller, and the workpiece itself undergoes almost no deformation. By utilizing the mass of the workpiece itself, it can be closely attached to the fixed side end surface, thereby maintaining a stable seating position of the workpiece.


For small hydraulic cylinders, the Japanese IGV-3NT small composite vertical CNC grinder provided by Lansheng Company. Has the following characteristics:

1. The machine tool covers an area of only 4.7 square meters.

2. The inner diameter, outer diameter, and end face can be ground in one clamping operation, which not only saves clamping time but also ensures grinding accuracy;

3. It is equipped with an internal grinding shaft and an external grinding shaft, and the grinding wheel shaft can be selected according to the processing conditions;

4. The ATC tool magazine can accommodate 6 grinding wheel heads, which shortens the grinding wheel exchange time and enables composite processing.

The processing capabilities of the IGV-3NT small composite vertical CNC grinder:

1. Grindable hole diameter (14)~200mm;

2. Grinding outer diameter range Max.200mm;

3. The maximum grinding length is 150mm;

4. The rotation diameter of the spindle is Φ300mm;

5. The height of the workpiece that can be installed is 150mm;

6. The spindle worktable can bear a weight of 100kg.

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