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Shanghai Duxia Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional agent, distribution of domestic and foreign famous, special, excellent machine tool equipment sales company, the company is located in Shanghai important industrial base - Songjiang Industrial Park. Since its establishment, the company has established a total distribution, online store distribution and special distribution relationship with a number of well-known machine tool manufacturers at home and abroad, with the strong support and full trust of the majority of machine tool users and machine tool manufacturers, our company distributes all kinds of CNC and ordinary metal cutting machine tools all year round.

Company Qualification

Main distribution products: lathes, milling machines, planers, grinders, boring machines, sawing machines (gantry saws), punching machines, shearing machines, bending machines, forging sheet metal processing equipment, wire cutting (fast, medium and slow wire walking), spark machines, vertical and horizontal machining centers, large vertical and horizontal ordinary (CNC) lathes, gantry milling (grinding) machines, etc. And undertake: machine tool maintenance, modification, maintenance and repair and the development of various types of non-standard machine tool equipment. Our company also provides customized machine tools for users and provides support in processing technology.


At present, our company has a strong operating capacity and a group of young professional team, our company has always adhered to the "customer service, responsible for customers, customer satisfaction" purpose, pursue the "trustworthy, contract-honoring, high-quality and low-price, sincere hospitality" principle, dedicated to provide customers with quality service. "Everything is based on the interests of customers, solving problems for customers, and creating wealth for customers" is our eternal philosophy. And will strive to create a brand mechanical and electrical sales company with rich resources, complete facilities and perfect services.

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General Applications for CNC Machine tools

Automobile industry

From 2003 to 2017, China's automobile production and sales have increased significantly, with production and sales exceeding 25 million vehicles. Both new energy vehicles and traditional power vehicles have a rapidly developing demand, and the demand for high-precision large-scale machine tools has also increased.The processing of small impeller blades on automobiles, the overall processing of automobile wheels, and automobile brake discs all require high-speed vertical machining centers, and the overall casting and direct product processing of automobile wheels also require vertical five-axis CNC machine tools and gantry five-axis machining centers to improve their safety performance.

Mold industry

With the industrial adjustment of the mold industry, the performance and accuracy standards of the mold will continue to improve, and the demand for CNC machine tools in the mold industry will increase.In the process of mold processing, the machine tools that need to be used include CNC milling machines, high-precision machining centers, precision grinding machines, etc., and their high requirements for machine tools require machine tools to maintain high dynamic accuracy, high rigidity and high reliability.

Urban rail transit industry

The large-scale construction and planning of urban rail transit will definitely drive the increase in demand for machine tool processing.The construction and transformation of China's railways, based on high speed, speed-up and heavy-duty, has entered the fast lane of development.The demand for machine tools in rail transit is also multi-faceted.The development of rail transit requires both general-purpose CNC machine tools and special-purpose CNC machine tools.

Shipbuilding industry

The key processed parts of large ships are concentrated in the base, frame, cylinder block, cylinder head, piston rod, cross head, connecting rod, crankshaft of high-power diesel engines, as well as the gearbox drive shaft, rudder shaft and propeller (propeller). The material of the key processed parts is special alloy steel, which is generally processed in small batches, and the processing yield is required to be 100%.The key processed parts have the characteristics of large weight, complex shape, high precision, and high processing difficulty.The processing of key parts of large ships requires heavy-duty and super-heavy CNC machine tools and special processing machine tools with high power, high torque, high reliability and multi-axis, such as heavy-duty and super-heavy CNC gantry boring and milling machines, large cyclone lathes, CNC heavy-duty gantry milling and heavy-duty CNC floor boring, CNC turning, grinding machines, deep-hole drilling machines, as well as large steel plate pressing, pickling, heat treatment and flame cutting machines.Among them, the processing of heavy-duty and super-heavy crankshafts and large propellers is typical, and it requires special super-heavy CNC machine tools and super-heavy multi-axis linkage machines.

Aerospace industry

The structural characteristics of typical parts in the aviation industry are the large number of overall thin-walled structures and complex shapes.In order to increase the maneuverability of aircraft, increase the payload and range, reduce costs, carry out lightweight design and widely adopt new lightweight materials, the material performance requirements are getting higher and higher.Now a large number of aluminum alloys, superalloys, titanium alloys, high-strength steels, composite materials, engineering ceramics, etc. are used.The thin-walled parts and honeycomb parts with complex structures have complex shapes, with more holes, holes, grooves, reinforcing bars, etc., and poor process rigidity. According to the structural characteristics and processing requirements of the processed parts of the aviation industry, five-axis linkage machining centers, high-speed machining centers, large-scale double-gantry vertical machining centers, large-scale CNC gantry boring and milling machines, precision CNC lathes, large-scale CNC precision vertical turning centers, turning and milling composite machining centers, blade disc high-efficiency machining centers, end face arc tooth grinding machines, high-speed rotor blade tip grinding machines, slow-feed powerful grinding machines, broaching machines, related electrical processing machine tools, laser cladding processing machine tools、

Power generation equipment industry

The key processed parts of power generation equipment are heavy in weight, special in shape, high in precision, difficult to process, and expensive. The price of a single piece far exceeds the price of a heavy-duty CNC machine tool.For example, the pressure vessel of a nuclear power plant weighs 400 to 500 tons per piece, and the rotor of a large steam turbine and generator weighs more than 100 tons per piece, which requires reliable work for more than 30 years.Therefore, the machine tools required for the manufacture of key parts of power generation equipment are characterized by large specifications, high stiffness and high reliability.Various super-heavy CNC machine tools and special machines are required, such as large-scale CNC vertical lathes, large-scale CNC horizontal lathes, CNC floor milling and boring machines, gantry boring and milling machines and machining centers, CNC drilling machines, etc., as well as large-scale pressing equipment and CNC pipe bending machines.For certain machining parts, the machine tool is required to have multi-axis control, five-axis linkage and composite machining functions.

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