Turn-milling of small batches or single pieces

For some small batch or single-piece production, turning and milling processing equipment is also of great use. Because it has the ability to control at least one rotation axis, its application range has been expanded, and it can even replace the work of multi-coordinate linkage machining centers.

The following is the application of turning and milling processing equipment in impeller blade processing. Blade processing, as a typical part type of five-coordinate processing, has huge market demand. In fact, most of these parts can be completed on turning and milling machining centers. For some turning and milling equipment with B-axis linkage, the types of parts that can be processed will be wider. This type of equipment not only has turning functions, but can also complete three- to five-coordinate milling work. With the development of machine tool hardware, the rigidity of machine tools has been significantly improved, and rough and finishing machining can be completed in one go. From a technological perspective, Turning and milling composite equipment has the advantages of simple clamping and positioning of parts, various rough machining methods, and convenient chip removal. At the same time, the price of turning and milling equipment is getting closer and closer to that of multi-axis milling and machining centers of the same grade. Therefore, it is gradually becoming a reality to complete the processing of impeller blades on turning and milling composite equipment.

For ordinary C&Y turning and milling equipment, blade processing can be completed through C-axis linkage. This type of control system is actually a three-axis control system. To complete the surface processing through XZC three-axis linkage, there is no need to invest more in machine tools. You only need to choose a CAM software that can provide this function. as the picture shows:


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