Troubleshooting of CPU board

The CPU board is the core of the entire system, which includes the control and processing circuits of PLC and CNC. The CPU board is mainly installed with 80186 processor, interpolator, RAM, EPROM, communication interface, bus and other components. The system software is solidified in EPROM. PLC programs, NC programs, and machine tool data can be edited and transmitted with a programmer or computer through the two V.24 ports; at the same time, NC programs and machine tool data can also be input/output through the V.24 interface. Within the system, the CPU board transmits data with the storage board, interface board, video board, and position control board through the system bus to control these components.

When the CPU board fails, the following phenomena generally occur:

1) There is no display on the screen, the system cannot be started, and the red alarm indicator light on the CPU board is on;

2) The system cannot pass the self-test. There is an image displayed on the screen, but it cannot enter the CNC normal screen;

3) There is an image displayed on the screen and the CNC screen can be entered, but it does not respond to any keys on the keyboard:

4) Communication cannot be performed.

When the CPU board fails, generally only a new CPU spare part board can be replaced.

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