The principle and operation of protection and lubrication of ball screws of CNC machine tools

There are a lot of iron shavings and oil stains in the working environment of CNC machine tools, and ball screws are precision transmission components. If proper protection and lubrication measures are not taken, it is easy for CNC machine tools to find faults. The following explains the basic knowledge and operation of ball screw protection and lubrication.
1. Protection of ball screw
If the ball screw pair falls into dirt on the raceway or uses unclean lubricating oil, it will not only hinder the normal operation of the ball, but also cause a sharp increase in wear.For ball screw pairs with manufacturing errors and preload deformation in micrometers, this kind of wear is particularly sensitive.Therefore, it is necessary to effectively protect the seal and keep the lubricating oil clean. Usually a felt ring is used to seal the nut.Since the sealing ring is in close contact with the screw directly, the dust-proof effect is better, but it also increases the frictional resistance moment of the ball screw pair.In order to avoid this frictional resistance moment, a non-contact labyrinth sealing ring made of harder plastic can be used. For screws exposed to the outside, spiral steel strips, telescopic sleeves, tapered sleeves, and folding protective covers are generally used to prevent dust and abrasive particles from sticking to the surface of the screw.One end of these protective covers is connected to the end face of the ball nut, and the other end is fixed to the support seat of the ball screw.In recent years, a steel belt winding screw protection device has also appeared.
2. The lubricating lubricant of the ball screw pair can improve wear resistance and transmission efficiency.Lubricants can be divided into two categories: lubricants and greases.Lubricants are generally used for full-loss systems; lithium-based greases can be used for greases.Grease is generally added to the threaded raceway and the space of the housing where the nut is installed, while the lubricating oil is injected into the space of the nut through the oil hole on the housing.Replace the grease on the ball screw every six months, clean the old grease on the screw, and apply a new grease.The ball screw pair lubricated with lubricating oil can be refueled once before each machine tool work.

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