The operating principle and safe operation steps of CNC lathes

CNC lathe is a machine tool that uses the rotation of the workpiece as the main movement, and the turning tool movement as the feed movement to process the rotary surface for turning. It can also be used with drills, reamers, reamers, taps, dies and knurling tools for corresponding processing, which is the most widely used type of machine tool in machinery manufacturing and repair factories, and can be used to process various machine tools for rotary forming surface workpieces.

As a kind of machining equipment, CNC lathes must be operated in accordance with the safety operation specifications to carry out production activities, and the specific safety operation specifications mainly include the following points:

(1) Machine tool operators must wear protective equipment before operating machine tools.

(2) The machine tool worker must be familiar with the role of each button and the precautions for operation, and the protective door of the machine tool must be closed before processing, and at the same time, the tools around the machine tool must be kept neatly placed for easy handling.

(3) It is forbidden to wear gloves when using the machine tool, and the content of the warning on the warning signs of each part of the machine tool should be noted. When the machine tool is energized, the operator is forbidden to open and touch the parts marked with lightning symbols and strong current devices on the machine tool to prevent being injured by electric shock. Do not open the machine tool to work during thunder, because the instantaneous high voltage and high current during the lightning strike are easy to impact the machine tool, resulting in burnout of the module or loss of changed data, resulting in unnecessary losses.

(4) After the tool clamping is completed, the test cutting should be carried out manually.

(5) During the operation of the machine tool, do not remove the chips, and avoid touching the moving parts of the machine tool with your hands.

(6) When removing chips, use certain tools to avoid being scratched by chips.

(7) When measuring the workpiece, it must be carried out in the state when the machine tool is stopped.

(8) After the work is completed, it is necessary to do a good job in the cleaning of the machine tool and control equipment, and maintain the machine tool in time. When maintaining the electrical installation of the machine, the power supply must be cut off first. When all work is done, you must be sure that the machine system has been completely cut off before you can leave the work platform.

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