The machining center is started and returned to the origin point for operation

1. Turn on
1. First of all, close the main power switch of the machine tool;
2. Turn on the power switch of auxiliary equipment such as voltage regulator and air source;
3. The total power supply of the control cabinet of the machining center;
4. Rotate the emergency stop button to the right and pop up, turn on the power of the operation panel, until the machine tool is not ready enough and the alarm disappears, then the start-up is completed.
Second, the machine tool back to the origin
After starting the machine, you should first return to the origin of the machine tool, select the mode selection switch to the return to the original point, and then select the fast moving magnification switch to the appropriate magnification, and select each axis to return to the origin point in turn.
3. Precautions
1. Before starting the machine, check whether the condition of the machine tool is abnormal, whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, etc., if everything is normal, it can be started;
2. Before returning to the origin, ensure that each axis does not interfere with the fixture or workpiece on the workbench when moving;
3. When returning to the origin, you must pay attention to the sequence of movement of each axis.

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