The development history of composite processing machine tools

In 1845, the American Ding’Fitch invented the turret lathe. In 1911, the American Greenlee Company developed the first combined machine tool for automobile parts processing. In 1952, the three-axis CNC milling machine was successfully developed. In 1958, the American KT Company developed a machining center with an automatic tool exchange device, which effectively promoted the development of process-focused processing methods.

The emergence of composite processing and its manufacturing equipment has a history of more than a hundred years, but it was truly widely used in the 1980s, after CNC technology and CNC machine tools became the mainstream of manufacturing technology.

In the mid-to-late 1980s, with the improvement of the functions and structures of machining centers, the superiority of CNC machine tools with concentrated processes was demonstrated. Turning centers, grinding centers, etc. began to appear, which expanded composite processing and was no longer limited to boring. , milling and other processes. In the late 1990s, turning and milling centers, milling and turning centers, turning and grinding centers, etc. were further developed. In recent years, composite machine tools that combine special processing methods such as laser, EDM, and ultrasonic with cutting and grinding processing methods have appeared, making composite processing more efficient. Technology has become a new hot spot in promoting the development of machine tool structures and manufacturing processes.

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