The development direction of composite machine tools

Judging from the new CNC machine tool products and related comments and analysis data exhibited at international machine tool product exhibitions held at home and abroad in recent years, the main technological development trends and directions of CNC compound processing machine tools are as follows:

1. Continue to expand the composite processing capabilities of a single CNC machine tool.

Reduce the number of processes, processes and required tools through the optimization of processes and procedures (such as merging and simplifying the machining process) and the improvement of tool structures (such as the use of combined tools, specialized tools, etc.); through the innovation of machine tool structures and configurations ( Such as multi-axis controlled spindle head, multi-tool turret tool holder and grinding wheel headstock, etc.), increase the flexibility of machine tools, tool reserves and the ability to automatically provide (replace) tools, thereby improving the efficiency of machine tool composite processing. Capacity enables more parts, more processes and processes to be processed on one machine tool after one clamping. For example, there are now not only various single-process multi-process compound processing machine tools, such as turning centers, milling centers, grinding centers, stamping processing centers, etc., but also turning-milling composites, turning-grinding composites, and turning-gear making. The emergence and development of multi-process composite processing machine tools that combine cutting and laser processing, stamping and drilling, and other processes. Japan’s MAZAK Company has recently launched the Integrex-Ⅲst and Integrex-Ⅳst series of dual-spindle five-linkage turning-milling compound processing machine tools. In addition to turning and milling functions, it also has crankshaft processing, gear hobbing, internal and external cylindrical grinding and laser quenching. processing functions.

2. Development in the direction of multi-spindles, multi-tool holders, and multi-stations.

In order to further improve productivity, especially the output rate of a single compound processing machine tool, CNC compound processing machine tools are developing in the direction of multi-spindles, multi-tool holders, and multi-stations. For example, Chiron’s new products DZ15KW, DZ18W, DZ12KS, etc. at EMO-2005 are all dual-spindle machining centers; MAKINO’s TWINFLEXMD is a twin-spindle or dual-vertical spindle machining center, each with a tool-changing manipulator; MAZAK’s Integrex300IV The MC726/MT of German STAMA is a three-spindle turning-milling compound processing machine tool with two turning spindles and a milling spindle; the V160D of the German INDEX company is an inverted CNC lathe with dual spindles and dual turret tool holders, which can be processed at the same time. Two identical parts; Japan’s NAKAMURA-TOME company’s SuperNTY3 is a dual-spindle, three-turret tool turret turn-milling center, and German TRAUB’s TNX80/65 is a dual-spindle, four-turret tool turret turn-milling center, etc. . The reason why these machine tools adopt a multi-spindle and multi-tool holder structure is partly due to the needs of processing technology and procedures. Many of them are due to the use of multiple spindles to process multiple identical parts at the same time and multiple tool holders to process the same parts at the same time. Parts can be processed in multiple processes and can overlap with each other in processing time, thereby exponentially increasing the output of composite processing machine tools per unit time. Because these multi-spindle, multi-tool turret machine tools are essentially equivalent to two or more identical CNC compound processing machine tools combined, but they use a common bed and are controlled by the same CNC system. However, the cost of such a multi-spindle and multi-tool turret machine tool is cheaper than the total cost of multiple independent single-spindle machine tools, so it is still economically cost-effective.

Figure 8 Chiron’s DZ15W dual-spindle vertical machining center

3. Develop in a large-scale direction.

Because one of the advantages of the spindle for composite machining is to reduce the time of multiple reinstallations, adjustments and clamping of parts during multi-process and multi-process processing. Since large parts generally have complex structures and require many processing parts and processes, Installation and positioning are also time-consuming and troublesome parts, so it is more advantageous to use CNC machine tools for composite processing. Therefore, in order to adapt to the processing needs of large-scale products in the large-scale heavy machinery industry, CNC compound processing machine tools have a trend of large-scale development. For example, the five-axis linkage moving beam gantry machining center exhibited by Japan’s Okuma Company has a work table of 2000mm × 3000mm; the gantry type turn-milling compound machining center recently launched by Germany’s Waldrich Coburg Company has a work table width of 4500mm to 6500mm. It is enough to illustrate the development trend of large-scale CNC compound processing machine tools.

4. Develop in the direction of modular structure and rapid reorganization of functions.

Because structural modularization is the basis for the rapid development of CNC compound processing machine tools, and the rapid reorganization of the functions of CNC compound processing machine tools is an important condition for them to quickly respond to market demand and seize the market, many well-known foreign machine tool manufacturers have already Work hard on research and development for this purpose. In fact, many products of some technologically advanced manufacturers (such as Mikron in Switzerland, Haas and Hazel in the United States, DMG, EMAG and TRAUB in Germany) have implemented modular structural designs and are moving towards how to Efforts to achieve rapid functional reorganization.

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