The basic requirements for electrical cabinets and electrical circuits of CNC machine tools

The requirements for the electrical cabinet and circuit of the machine tool include the CNC machine tool body or its own various electrical supporting wires or distribution cabinets, and the electrical circuits from the main switch of the machine tool to the electrical components and mechanisms.

1. The door of the electrical cabinet should be closed tightly, there should be no debris and no workpiece within 08m in front of the door, and the cabinet door should be easy to open;

2. The layout of the electrical appliances in the cabinet is reasonable, the wiring is neat, and the number is clear and correct; The cabinet is clean and dry, no dust, water, oil, no sundries or electrical spare parts;

3. Anti-short circuit, overload, loss of voltage, undervoltage, self-locking, interlocking, over-current and signal protection devices are complete, intact and effective; Each fuse element is matched with the load, and it is not allowed to replace it with unqualified fuses at will;

4. The positioning of the electrical switches and handles of each mechanism is reliable, and the indicator lights, indicator instruments, and operation buttons are clearly marked, and the use is intact and complete; There is no aging or damage to each line, and the serpentine pipe is not damaged or fallen off by pressure;

5. The cabinet with metal shell should be protected and grounded, and the connection is reliable, if there are electrical components on the cabinet door, the door and the cabinet shell should be connected with plastic copper core soft wire.

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