Taiwan Master Xinde CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinder Series

Taiwan Master Xinde CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinder PMG-60CNC/100CNC


(Product Characteristics

The SUG CNC series is designed for the combined OD/ID grinding of long shaft workpieces and is suitable for small to large quantities and even small quantities of various types of production. The GU CNC series grinding machines are capable of performing OD grinding, OD taper grinding, endface/shoulder grinding, and ID grinding in a single clamping setup, which can shorten the process time, reduce the production cost, and ensure the grinding accuracy. This series of grinding machines are suitable for OD/ID compound grinding operations in the manufacturing industries such as automobile and motorcycle parts, tooling machine parts, hydraulic/pneumatic/electronic motor parts, and so on. Equipped with high rigidity, low vibration and high cutting capacity dynamic spindle to ensure grinding accuracy. Reinforced ribbed box design of this machine is cast in Meehanna cast iron to ensure high rigidity and stability of the machine. Handmade high-precision spatula, Turcite-B abrasion-resistant patches and dynamic lubrication system ensure the quality and service life of the machine.

1、Grinding Wheel Head: Equipped with rotary axis B (any angle), including straight-feed grinding wheel, inclined-feed grinding wheel and internal grinding wheel.

2.Bore grinding spindle: Bore grinding motor adopts built-in spindle design, which can save space and balance the weight of bore grinding and external grinding wheels.

3、Ring Type Inductive Scale : X/B axis adopts Austria AMOSIN absolute inductive scale to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeatability of the grinding wheel head. The inductive scale is unlike the optical scale which is easily affected by dust.

4、X-axis moving method adopts linear slide mechanism, positioning method adopts absolute inductive ruler.

5、(Ⅳ)series main wheel table C-axis function, precise control of speed, with the ability to grind shaped workpieces, such as cams, crankshafts.

6、The center height of workpiece spindle is only 192mm, which makes workpiece replacement or grinding wheel replacement operation easier.

7、(Ⅲ)series X/Z/B three-axis computer numerical control, (Ⅳ) series X/Z/B/C four-axis computer numerical control, control the left and right feed point as well as grinding conditions such as grinding wheel feed rate.

8、(Ⅲ)series controller adopts FANUC Oi-TD with three-axis FANUC servo motor.

9、(Ⅳ)series controller adopts FANUC 31i, with four-axis FANUC servo motor.

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