Steps to start the machine

Steps to start the machine:

(1) Turn on the main power control switch on the electrical box.

(2) Close the main power switch (air switch), and then the POWER light-emitting diode on the operation panel lights up, indicating that the power is turned on.

(3) Press the CNC POWER ON button on the operation panel, then the CNC is powered on, and the CNC POWER power supply on the panel indicates that the LED is lit.

(4) Release the emergency stop button and press the MACHINE RESET button on the operation panel, then the self-test CNC READY indicator light emitting diode is lit.

(5) Press the inverter reset button (side of the operation box) to extinguish the spindle alarm light. Note: When powered on, do not press and hold any button on the CRT/MDI panel before the GNC is powered on.

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