Solution for high-precision grinding of deep holes in breaker cylinders

The hydraulic breaker is already an important working component of the hydraulic excavator. The power source of the hydraulic breaker is the pressure oil provided by the pump station of the excavator or loader. The hydraulic breaker mainly consists of a piston, a main body bolt, a front part of the main body, an oil cylinder, It consists of important parts such as the rear part of the main body.


The cylinder of the hydraulic breaker mainly uses machine tools such as CNC (CNC machine tools) and large grinders to complete the inner diameter grinding process to improve the surface roughness and product finish.

The Japanese NVG-7LH deep hole grinding vertical CNC grinder provided by Lansheng Company can process deep holes up to 1000mm, providing a perfect solution for high-precision grinding of deep holes in the breaker cylinder.

The deep hole grinding vertical CNC grinder is equipped with two spindles, a coarse spindle and a fine spindle. The coarse spindle is used for grinding first and then the fine spindle is used for grinding. Through one clamping, the inner hole, outer circle and end face of the breaker cylinder can be ground. Grinding processing has more than doubled the work efficiency.


With the increasing investment in domestic urban infrastructure construction and the rapid development of the domestic hydraulic excavator industry, the market demand for hydraulic breakers, one of the main working parts of hydraulic excavators, has also increased rapidly, and Japan’s NVG-7LH deep Hole grinding vertical CNC grinding machines can create maximum benefits for enterprises in the shortest time.

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