Software maintenance

The software design of the SIEMENS system is relatively complex and has strong functions. Programmers and computers are usually used for installation and debugging. Moreover, in some systems (such as 810/820), a large amount of data, including PLC programs, are stored in battery-powered RAM. Once these data are lost, the machine tool must be readjusted or even reprogrammed. PLC program, therefore we must pay attention to the protection of system software and data.

Taking the 810/820 system as an example, Table 3-1 lists the data composition and storage method of the system. As can be seen from the table, on-site recovery is relatively easy for categories I and III due to their storage methods or data sources. However, type II data (including PLC user programs, alarm texts, NC and PC machine tool data) is data compiled by the machine tool manufacturer and obtained after adjustment and optimization. It is the key to CNC machine tools and is stored in battery-powered RAM memory. sub-module, so it is easy to clear and modify; once these contents are rewritten or lost, the entire machine tool will not work properly. Therefore, the protection issue of Class II software and data is very prominent in the 810/820 system, and the following measures should be taken Measures to protect this software and data:

1) Back up the system software and data through the PC IN software, store it on a disk (or CD), and preferably print it into text for proofreading and manual input. When the machine tool is delivered, the machine tool manufacturer should provide the user with the necessary information for the machine tool.

2) Since the system software and data can be cleared and modified through operations, although this brings convenience to machine tool adjustments, it can also cause human faults if not managed properly. In particular, system initialization operations are very likely to delete system software and data. Therefore, passwords and corresponding systems should be set to prevent misoperations. In addition, it is best to use maintenance personnel to modify machine tool data and perform initial adjustments to prevent human failures.

3) The 810/820 system has various specifications, and the software of various specifications has its own system. Early software (GA1, GA2 version)

There are some defects. Improper operation during use may easily cause some malfunctions. During maintenance, normal working conditions can be re-established through initialization. Later software (after GA3 version) has been quite perfect, and generally such problems will not occur again. Different versions of software have specific requirements for the startup chip, and the software cannot be mixed, otherwise the system will not start normally. In addition, different versions of software have different definitions of machine tool data, adjustment methods, and even working status and display screen configurations. When maintenance personnel deal with faults, they should handle them accordingly for different software versions.

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