Selection of compound milling tools for complex parts

Machining complex parts on multi-tasking machines also involves additional milling operations. This requires a suitable range of lightweight cutting mills as well as tools capable of performing multiple operations. Face milling, end milling, contour milling and pocket machining must be possible, and the tool should be suitable for multi-tasking. In addition, more advanced drilling tools can also be used on multi-task machines.

Milling cutters and drill cutters that should be considered include:

●Versatile milling cutter;

●Milling cutters and drill cutters with five-axis machining capabilities;

●Tools suitable for turn-milling, cam milling, plunge milling, helical interpolation milling and arc interpolation, as well as trochoidal and thread milling solutions;

●Milling cutter suitable for roughing and finishing engraving;

●Drill cutter with a large diameter and depth range;

●Deep hole drill;

●Efficient drill bit that can process hole threads.

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