Safety operating procedures for CNC milling machines and machining centers

CNC milling machines and machining centers are mainly used for processing non-rotary parts, especially in the mold manufacturing industry. Its safe operating procedures are as follows:

1. Before starting the machine, the following operating procedures should be followed:

(1) Wear labor protection supplies and do not wear gloves when operating machine tools.

(2) Read the operating instructions of the machine tool carefully. Do not machine the machine tool at will before you are familiar with the operation of the machine tool to avoid safety accidents.

(3) Before operation, you must be familiar with the function of each button and the operating precautions.

(4) Pay attention to the warnings on the warning signs on various parts of the machine tool.

(5) Add lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, and cutting fluid according to the instructions of the machine tool, and connect the external air source.

(6) Tools around the machine tool should be placed neatly and easily accessible.

(7) The protective door of the machine tool must be closed before processing.

2. During processing operations, the following operating procedures should be observed:

(1) Work in a civilized manner, stay focused, and avoid alcoholism and fatigue; it is prohibited to play, chat, sleep, and leave the post at will.

(2) When the machine tool is powered on, the operator must not open or touch the parts of the machine tool that show the lightning symbol and are equipped with strong current devices to prevent injury from electric shock.

(3) Pay attention to check whether the workpiece and tool are clamped correctly and reliably; after the tool is clamped, trial cutting should be performed manually.

(4) During the operation of the machine tool, do not remove chips and avoid touching the moving parts of the machine tool with your hands.

(5) When removing chips, use certain tools and be careful not to cut your hands or feet by the chips.

(6) When measuring the workpiece, it must be done with the machine tool stopped.

(7) Do not turn on the machine tool during thunder. Because the instantaneous high voltage and large current during a lightning strike can easily impact the machine tool, causing the module to be burned out or the changed data to be lost, causing unnecessary losses.

3. After the work is completed, the following operating procedures should be followed:

(1) Fill in the shift handover record truthfully, and report any problems in a timely manner.

(2) Clean the work site, wipe the machine tool clean, and pay attention to keeping the machine tool and control equipment clean.

(3) Cut off the system power and close the doors and windows before leaving.

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