Z Series Gear Measuring Center – Auxiliary

Product Introduction:
Machine model
Z series gear measurement center is mainly used for the detection of various gear products, including internal gear, external gear, helical gear, spur gear, involute spline, linear spline and other items such as tooth shape, tooth direction, tooth pitch, indexing, circumference and other items, as well as various spiral bevel gears tooth pitch error, tooth shape error, tooth thickness deviation and tooth surface reversal and other items, suitable for various processing parameters of contour teeth, shrinkage teeth.

1. Stable and efficient host system
2. Advanced 3D digital scanning probe system;
3. The instrument reference positioning gratings are all imported from Heidenhain in Germany and Renishaw in the United Kingdom to ensure the accuracy and stability of the whole machine;
4. The UMAC controller (European standard 3U architecture) of Delta Tau company in the United States is used to achieve real full closed-loop control;
5. The self-developed spiral bevel gear measurement software is compatible with product measurement of a variety of processing parameters.

Product function configuration
1. Database management function;
2. Various types of processing parameters can be manually entered or automatically imported;
3. Detection function of single tooth surface or multi-tooth surface;
4. Measurement of tooth pitch error, tooth shape error and tooth thickness deviation;
5. Continuous or contact measurement of tooth surface;
6. Theoretical tooth surface definition or standard tooth surface definition;
7. Gear end, radial runout measurement and automatic centering;
8. Gear eccentricity compensation function;
9. Output analysis of helix angle and pressure angle error;
10. Manual and automatic reversal function of shrinkage tooth and contour tooth;

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