YKW2950B CNC Universal Spiral Bevel Gear Generator

Model YKW2950B is a CNC Universal Machine developed based on the successful manufacture of Y2950 Gear Finishing Machine and Y2150 Gear Roughing Machine. This machine was specially designed for the rough and finish cut of non-generated gears of Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gear sets used in automobile, construction and tractor machineries. When roughing the gear teeth, the plunge-cutting method is used while for finished cutting operation, the Formate method or Helixform method should be adopted.

This machine is suitable for batch/mass production of gears and it is preferable to be used in companion with our YKD2250A Spiral Bevel Gear Generator for cutting the pinions.

Machine Structures and Features

1.     A CNC control system (SIEMENS), with two numerical control axes, is equipped on the machine. The main motor is a frequency variable motor.

2.     When the workhead being on the longitudinal position, it is quick, correct and easy to set-up and take off the workpieces and it is suitable to establish a gear production line. Because of the work spindle being far from the cutter, it is safety to operate the workpieces.

3.     The indexing of gear is controlled by the CNC control system and a new-type hydraulic cylinder for the clamp mechanism is adopted on the machine. When the machine being in operation, the work spindle is clamped tightly with the workhead and while in indexing, the work spindle is released for quick indexing.

4.     A new-type mechanism controlled by numberical control axis is applied for the axial movement of work spindle, instead of the traditional cam construction, so as to simplify the machine structure and accompany with multi-cutting methods. A hydraulic forced-lubrication is adopted for the cutter spindle in order to increase the rigidity, accuracy and service life of the spindle support.

5.     A beam mechanism is adopted for fixing the cutterhead with the workhead. When the workhead being up to the operating position, the beam will be hydraulically clamped for whole operation period and formed as a frame structure.

6.     In addition to the hydraulic clamp between the beam and the work spindle, the main cutting force is towards the machine bed, so as to gain the best rigidity based on the heavy weight of machine.

7.     All kinds of protective measures, such as pressure protection, lubricating protection and indexing protection, have been adopted on the machine, so as to get the reliability of machine operation.

8.     A hydraulic forced-lubrication is adopted for cutter spindle, so as to increase the rigidity, accuracy and service life of bearings.

9.     The machine is equipped with an auto chip conveyor and air conditioner for the electrical cabinet.


Main Specifications of the Machine

1. Cutting Range
Outer cone distanceMax.250mm
Maximum pitch diameter500mm
Maximum module12mm
Extreme ratio21/4:1
Face width76mm
Number of teeth25~60
Workhead setting angle60°~90°
Offset of work spindle (at 90°)124~224mm
Offset of radial setting for cutter head80~510mm
Offset of horizontal setting for cutter head185~360mm
Axial travel of cutter spindle0~26mm
2. Work Spindle
Diameter of taper hole at large endФ86.916mm
Depth of taper hole15.88mm
Face diameterФ222mm
3. Cutter Diameter    6″、9″、12″18″(most suitable for 9″and over)
4. Cutting Speed and Feed
(1)Cutting speed
Cutter diameterRoughingFinishing
(2)Feed (roughing)3.7~36.2Second/Tooth
(3)Feed (finishing)4.1~9.7Second/Tooth
5. Total Power of MotorsKVA35
6. Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)mm3500x2908x2000
7. Net WeightT8

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