YKW2280 CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Generator

This machine is a CNC spiral bevel gear generator designed to cut the spiral bevel gears, zero bevel gears and hypoid gears with the maximum work diameter of 800mm and maximum module of 15mm using several cutting methods. The machining accuracy on this machine with the generating method can reach Grade 6, Grade 7 and higher accuracy may be obtained when Formate method is adopted. This machine is especially suitable for the batch production or mass production. It can rough and finish the pinions and gears used in the medium-sized and heavy-duty trucks, the mining machinery, the construction machinery, etc. with the generating method, and the gears with the infeed method and the Formate method. In order to meet the needs of wide applications of the customers, the machine is also suitable for the trail production and research & development of the new products.

Performances and Structural Characteristics of Machine

1.This is a CNC spiral bevel gear generator with three NC axes, or the cradle roll (X-axis), the work spindle rotation (Y-axis) and the sliding base movement (Z- axis), which can be controlled and moved simultaneously. The rotation of cutter spindle (S-axis) is controlled by a frequency variable motor for its stepless speed control.

2.High-precision worm and worm wheel pairs are adopted for the cradle and the workhead, and several measures have been taken to enhance both the structural rigidity and the transmission rigidity so as to guarantee the machining accuracy, increase the productivity and prolong the service life of the machine.

3.A cutter spindle tilt mechanism with the maximum cutter tilt angle of 30°is equipped on the machine.

4.To minimize the setting-up time, no replacement of the change gears will be needed for the machine adjustments.

5.A tie bar is used to fix the position between the cradle and the workhead. When cutting with the Formate method, the tie bar is chucked hydraulically and in the clamped condition during the whole cutting operation to form a high-rigidity frame structure.

6.Feed movement set by the CNC control system is adopted on the machine. This simplifies the machine operation and facilitates the efficiency of the gear production.

7.In order to ensure the reliability of the machine, all the CNC system, the major electrical and hydraulic components, bearings and sealing parts are the famous brands at home and abroad.

8.An independent and sealed electrical cabinet is equipped for the machine, for which an air conditioner or a heat exchanger may be available.

9.A safety enclosure and an automatic chip conveyor may be equipped on the machine.

Power Supply 380V   50HZ

Electrical Specifications

Main drive AC frequency-variable motor:7.5KW、1440rpm
Servo motor for the cradle:50NM、2000rpm
Servo motor for the workhead:27NM、2000rpm
Servo motor for the feed movement:27NM、2000rpm
Total capacity of the machine:35KVA


Technical Specifications

1.Workpiece Dimensions
Maximum modulemm15
Teeth number5-100
Extreme ratio10:1
Maximum cutting depthmm30
Maximum face widthmm100
Maximum pitch diametermm800
 Root angle:Max. 90°
Min. -8°
2.Work Spindle
Diameter of taper hole at large endmm203.2
Diameter of through holemm180
Diameter of spindle endmm280
3. Cutter Diameter                            6″、71/2″、9″、12″、18″
4. Workhead Setup
 Maximum offset of work spindlemm±110
 Machine center to spindle nosemm125~600
5.Cutter Setup
Cutter speed(stepless)rpm/min8~104
 Maximum tilt angle30°
6.Position of Sliding Base
 Maximum displacement from centermmForward  30
Backward  170
7.Net Weightt15
8.Overall DimensionsL×W×H          mm2940×2350×2200

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