YKH5132-K3 CNC Gear Shaper

The YKH5132/K3 CNC gear shaper is a new type machine built on the basic of our YKH5132 CNC gear shaper, with the addition of the automatic angle tilt function of the column.

Machine tool machining accuracy high, cylindrical gear machining accuracy level 6  (GB10095.1-2008)

The machine has wild applications and it’s especially suitable for cutting cylindrical cluster gears, tapered cluster gears, deep-hole internal gears, gears with both internal teeth and external teeth and so on.


1.      A SIEMENS 828D CNC control system is equipped on the machine to provide 6 servo axes and 3-axis simultaneous movements.

2.      The cutter spindle is driven through a frequency-variable spindle motor. The constant power speed regulation range is wide and stepless speed regulation is possible.

3.      To guarantee the high radial positioning accuracy and repeatability, radial feed motions of the machine are made through a high precision ball screw.

4.      The slide elevation mechanism uses the gravity drive design and the movements are smooth and reliable. Clamping components made in Germany are adopted and an independent middle and high-pressure hydraulic station is equipped to ensure the sufficient clamping force.

5.      High-precision radial bearings and high-precision variable-tooth-thickness worm and worm wheel pairs are used to ensure a high rotating accuracy and gear cutting accuracy. A popular conical-shape worktable is equipped on the machine to facilitate the prompt chip removal and ensure the thermal stability.

6. The saddle is of the thermal balance design. This increases the cutting accuracy and the stable accuracy.

7. Rigidity and strength of the transmission mechanism has been reinforced to guarantee sufficient cutting force.

8. The double-roller cam structure of the machine can perform stable, reliable, precise and low noise cutter relieving motions when cutting at a high speed.

9. The machine has the angular cutter relieving function to avoid interference of the cutter and workpiece when cutting internal gears.

10. Tapered shaft gears can be cut through the automatic angle tilt function of the column. This facilitates the installation of the loading & unloading mechanism.

11. The rigidity of the machine bed is excellent and the layout is reasonable for the timely cutting heat dissipation and the extension of functions.

12. The low-pressure hydraulic station supplies the forced lubrication for the saddle and the normal lubrication for the cutter relieving mechanism and the transmission mechanism, and the clamping and release of the cylinder for the table rotations as well. The oil return is in time and no oil mixture will happen.

13. An independent coolant tank is equipped for the machine to provide a great volume coolant for the timely cutting heat dissipation.

14. Machine tool applied protection, its appearance atmosphere, beautiful and practical.




Max. diameter of work(external/internal)

320/240+D  mm
最大加工模数   Max.module of work8 mm
最大加工齿宽   Max. face width110 mm
最大冲程长度   Max. stroke length120 mm
刀具主轴冲程数        Stroke number130~1000 /min
插齿刀圆周进给量      Rotary feed0~2 mm/str.
插齿刀径向进给量      Radial feed0~0.2 mm/str.
工作台面直径          Diameter of table¢400mm
插齿刀轴直径          Diameter of cutter spindle¢90mm
插齿刀安装轴颈   Mounting journal of cutter spindle¢31.743mm
插齿刀主轴让刀量     Amount of cutter relieving≥0.5 mm
刀架提拉行程         Stroke of elevation of saddle260mm
立柱翻转角度         Tilt angle of column+2º~-10 º

Distance between axes of cutter and worktable


Distance between mounting surface of cutter

and surface of worktable

335~700 mm
斜向让刀移动量    Amount of angular cutter relieving±25mm
工作台快速回转    Rapid rotation of worktable8r/min
径向快速移动      Rapid radial traverse1500mm/min
刀架提拉快速移动Traveling speed of saddle elevation1500mm/min
主电机功率       Power of main motor7.5kw
机床外形尺寸(长X宽X高)    Overall dimensions3050X1700X3100 mm
机床总重     Machine weight11000kg

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