YKH5132 CNC Gear Shaper

YKH5132 CNC gear shaper is the updated version of the ф 320mm gear shaper series. Along with the existing advantages of the standard ф320mm CNC gear shaper, the machining capacity expands con tinuously, especially for the adoption of the vertical movement (260mm) of the new-type saddle slide.

This is more suitable for cutting deep-hole internal gears and cluster gears. With excellent rigidity, new structure, complete functions and safe and reliable operation, the machining accuracy can reach Grade 6 of the GB standard.

机床主要技术参数 Specifications



最大加工直径Max. diameter of work







cutter diameter

最大加工模数      Max. module of workmm8
最大加工齿宽      Max. face widthmm110
插齿刀最大冲程长度Max. stroke length of cuttermm120
插齿刀每分钟冲程数(无级) Number of strokes (stepless)Str/min130~1000
插齿刀圆周进给量  Rotary feedmm/str0~2
插齿刀径向进给量   Radial feedmm/str0~0.2
插齿刀安装面到工作台端面距离Distance between mounting surface

of cutter and surface of worktable





插齿刀轴线到工作台轴线间距离Distance between axes of cutter

and worktable





工作台台面直径   Diameter of table surfacemm400
工作台中心孔径   Diameter of center hole of tablemm110
刀架滑板行程     Travel of saddle slidemm260
插齿刀轴直径     Diameter of cutter spindlemm90
插齿刀安装轴径   Mounting journal of cutter spindlemm31.743
插齿刀让刀量      Amount of cutter relievingmm≥0.5
工作台快速回转速度Rapid rotation of work tabler/min8
径向快速移动速度  Rapid radial traversemm/min2000
刀架提拉快速移动速度     Traveling speed of saddle elevationmm/min2500
机床总重量         Machine weightt11
机床外形尺寸(长×宽×高) Overall dimensions (L x W x H)mm2920×1625×2800
  1. Machine Features
  2. A SIEMENS 828D CNC control system is equipped on the machine to perform 3-axis simultaneous

movements. The cutter spindle is driven by means of the variable frequoncy spindle motor for

the stepless speed changing.

  1. Tool setting and cutter adjustments can be made through an electronic handwheel.
  2. To guarantee high radial positioning accuracy and repeatability, radial feed motions of the column are made through a high precision ball screw.
  3. The slide elevation mechanism uses clamping components made in Germany and an independent middle and high pressure hydraulic station is equipped to ensure the sufficient clamping force.
  4. The position of the clearance groove is precisely controlled when cutting cluster gears.
  5. The control of the corresponding teeth of the cluster gears is easy and practical and high corresponding accuracy can be guaranteed.
  6. Thanks to the 260mm vertical movements of the saddle, parts with both internal and external teeth can be clamped at one chuck, thus improving the machining accuracy and efficiency and saving the amounts of the cutter adaptors and fixtures.
  7. It is suitable to cut super long shaft gears.
  8. A compact conical-shape worktable is used on the machine to facilitate the erection of a loading & unloading device and the prompt chip removal. High-precision radial bearings and highprecision variable-tooth-thickness worm and worm wheel pairs are used to ensure gear cutting accuracy.
  9. A free-standing low-pressure hydraulic station is equipped mainly for the forced lubrication of the saddle and the normal lubrication of the drive box and the cutter relieving mechanism and for the chucking and dechucking of the cylinder for the table rotations. Oil returns to the oil tank quickly and no oil mixture will happen.
  10. The machine has an independent coolant tank for the great volume coolant supply to prolong the service life of the cutter.
  11. Double-cam with special curve and double-roller cutter relieving mechanism is equipped to perform correct, stable, low-noise and reliable cutter relieving motions at high speed strokes. The machine has also the angular cutter relieving function to avoid interference of the cutter and workpiece when cutting internal gears.

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