YKH2035 CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Generator

This machine is a CNC spiral bevel gear generator. It’s a versatile machine, on which bevel gears and hypoid gears with circular-arc tapered teeth can be cut, using the Formate Method, the Cutter-tilt Modification Method or the Modified Roll Method with the intermittent indexing, while bevel gears and hypoid gears with cycloidal constant-depth teeth can be accommodated using the Formate Method and the Generating Method, with the continuous indexing.

This machine is designed for the high-efficiency batch or mass productions of spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears, or bevel gears and hypoid gears with cycloidal teeth used for passenger cars, light-duty trucks, motor bikes, motor mountain bikes and quad bikes.


1.     On this machine, the cutter head is mounted on the column and the chip conveyor is extended outside the machine. The speed of the cutter spindle may reach 600rpm. Green “dry cutting” without coolant is possible. This ensures a high-precision and high-efficiency gear production and reduces environmental pollution by the coolant.

2.     A SIEMENS 840D CNC control system and a digital servo system are equipped on the machine. 6-axis simultaneous movements may be performed through the three full-close-loop linear axes (X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis) and the three rotating axes (A-axis, B-axis and C-axis).

3.     All the three rotating axes (A-axis, B-axis and C-axis) are full-close-loop controlled by means of the torque motors. The A-axis is the work spindle and the B-axis is the spindle of the rotary table. They are used to perform the precise swivels and the backlash-free reversing movements of the workhead. The C-axis is the cutter spindle.

4.     To guarantee high-precision machine movements, full-close-loop feedbacks through precision ball screws and gratings are used for all the three linear axes.

5.     A software package is available for machining bevel gears of two gear systems, or the bevel gears with circular-arc tapered teeth and the bevel gears with cycloidal constant-depth teeth. Along with easy operation and friendly interface, the CNC software system may realize the following functions of automatic machine adjustments, work cycle, cutting modification, real-time monitoring of basic data and machining safety.

6.     An electromagnetic brake is adopted for the B-axis to fasten the response time.

7.     To meet the needs of “dry cutting”, an external chip conveyor is erected for the efficient and timely chip removal.

8.     A safe and suitable enclosure is available for the machine.




1.     Dimensions of Work To Be Cut
Max. pitch diametermm350(circular-arc tapered teeth)
300(cycloidal constant teeth)
Max. modulemm6
Max. cutting depthmm18
Max. face widthmm40
Extreme ratiomm10:1
2.     Work Spindle
Spindle diameter at large endmm80
Diameter of through holemm45
Diameter of spindle endmm135
3. Cutter Diameter6”、7 1/2”、9”
4.     Linear Axes
Travel of X-axismm-138~680
Travel of Y-axismm-175~175
Travel of Z-axismm0~600
5.     Rotating Axes
Max. speed of A-axismm500
Rotating angle of B-axis-5°~90°
Max. speed of C-axismm620
6.     Miscellaneous
Total power of machineKVA60
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)mm2750×2100×2350
Machine weightt10

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