YKF2560-Spiral bevel gear grinding machine

Product Introduction
The YKF2560 is a five-axis three-linkage CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machine. It is mainly suitable for automatic tooth surface grinding of 90° axis cross-angle spiral bevel gears and hypoid gear pairs. After grinding, the slight deformation caused by processing and heat treatment can be corrected, and the contact accuracy of the tooth surface can be obtained highly, the noise can be reduced, the vibration can be reduced, and the transmission efficiency and service life can be improved. The roughness of the tooth surface after tooth grinding can reach Ra0.8, and the transmission noise is more than 3~8dB lower than that before tooth grinding.

1. The horizontal layout of the whole machine, the large and small wheel spindles are high-rigidity electric spindle structures with large torque motor direct drive, the X and Z linear axes are directly driven by servo motors, and the Y linear axes are directly driven by servo motors and precision reducers, and the whole machine has compact structure, high rigidity, stable performance, stable transmission and small inertia;
2. The machine tool has fast response, high efficiency and low failure rate. The slurry supply adopts centrifugal pump, and the slurry supply is continuous and stable, and the failure rate is low;
3. The self-developed spiral bevel gear HLS gear grinding control software is integrated in the TwinCAT numerical control system, and the human-computer interaction is simple and convenient.

Product function configuration:
1. The machine tool has the ability to fully automate and comprehensively grind the 90° axis intersection angle spiral bevel gear and the hypoid gear pair;
2. The machine tool has the function of automatic loading of the motor;
3. The machine tool adopts V/H mode to control the adjustment of the contact area;
4. The machine tool has the function of double backlash meshing measurement;
5. The machine tool has the function of measuring and automatically compensating the grinding backlash;
6. The machine tool has the function of workpiece detection before tooth grinding (including installation distance detection, runout detection, and burr detection);
7. The machine tool has a four-dimensional gear grinding setting (which can realize the function of non-reverse grinding);
8. The machine tool has the functions of automatic tooth alignment and high-speed spinning.

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