YKF2060-Spiral bevel gear grinding machine

Product Introduction
YKF2060 is a fully CNC seven-axis (or eight-axis) five-linkage full-CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machine, which can carry out various spiral bevel gears of arc teeth by the expansion method (seven-axis five-linkage) or the forming method (eight-axis five-linkage). Under the normal processing conditions of the machine tool, the grinding accuracy reaches the 5-level accuracy specified in the accuracy standard of GB11365-89 bevel gears and hypoid gears, and the tooth roughness reaches Ra0.8.

1. The machine tool adopts a bed, column split horizontal structure;
2. The workpiece spindle and grinding wheel spindle adopt electric spindle structure, and the dynamic performance is stable and reliable;
3. Each servo axis adopts high-precision angle encoder and high-precision linear grating ruler, and the servo accuracy is high;
4. The self-developed spiral bevel gear HGS processing control software is integrated in the 840DSL CNC system, and the human-computer interaction is simple and convenient;
5. The processing point of the workpiece is in the center of the rotary axis, and the machining accuracy is stable and reliable.

Product function configuration:
1. Various spiral bevel gears that can be developed into a method to grind arc teeth (including fixed installation method and whole process method) (equipped with an eccentric spindle option to grind arc tooth spiral bevel gears by forming method);
2. Grinding wheel dressing function;
3. Independent grinding oil cooling system;
4. Oil mist separation with monitoring alarm;
5. Fault display with help system;
6. Lubrication detection function;
7. Safety protection control module (including power-off retreat, emergency retreat, etc.);
8. Automatic margin allocation function;
9. The machine tool is equipped with a fire extinguishing device;
10. Eccentric spindle mechanism and software function (optional);
11. On-line measuring device and software function (optional);
12. Automatic dynamic balancing device and software function (optional).

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