YKA2060-Spiral bevel gear grinding machine

Product Introduction:
YKA2060 is a new generation of high-precision, high-rigidity and high-stability full-CNC nine-axis five-linkage spiral bevel gear grinding machine, grinding and processing various spiral bevel gears.
YKA2060 adopts a vertical small gantry structure, which cleverly integrates gravity and inertia into the grinding, and the grinding fluid circulates downwards to quickly achieve thermal balance for the machine tool, which is very suitable for the requirements of high rigidity and high stability of spiral bevel gear grinding.
Under the condition of ambient temperature of 20 °C ± 2 °C, the grinding accuracy can reach the 3rd level accuracy specified in the accuracy standard of DIN3965 bevel gears and hypoid gears, and the tooth roughness can reach Ra0.4.

Technical features:

High-precision: full closed-loop control technology + high-precision moving parts configuration of world-renowned brands + high-precision manufacturing and assembly technology to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool.
Efficient: The compact machine structure achieves the smallest travel path, good maneuverability, and is equipped with a seamless connection interface for the efficient production of spiral bevel gears.
High stability: the single-column structure that does not affect the performance of the machine tool due to slight ground settlement, the long-term natural aging castings, and the parts with multiple stability treatments ensure the stability of the machine tool parts.

Technical Parameters:

Grid nameValue
Grinding Wheel Size Range(A)7.5~16
Tooth ratio10:01
End face modulus(mm)15
Number of teeth5~200
Workpiece diameter (mm)600
Diamond Roller Diameter (A)1.99~4
Workpiece spindle taper (mm)φ203.2
Dimensions L*W*H (mm)5300*3200*2900
Total machine power(kw)120
Net Weight (kg)c. 29700
Floor area of the whole machine(mm2)6800*6700

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