YK58A-3 CNC Gear Shaper

The YK58A-3 CNC gear shaper is the up-graded product on the basis of our Y58 gear shaper family for the several decades. The machine is designed for the improvement of machining accuracy, convenient machine operation, quantitative control and better precision. It is mainly used for cutting internal and external spur gears for the construction machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, machine tools and large and medium-sized speed reducers. When a special shaping cutter is equipped, the machine can cut couplings of various tooth profiles and involute splines, and when a helical guide is equipped, it can cut spur helical gears.


1. The machine is longitudinally arranged. All the machine bed, the column, the saddle and the worktable have excellent static, dynamic and thermo-static rigidities and transmission rigidity.

2. This is a CNC gear shaper with 3-axis simultaneous movements: the cutter rotations (X-axis), the worktable rotations (Y-axis) and the radial feed of the worktable (Z-axis).

3. The reciprocating movements of the cutter spindle adopt the mechanism of “the maximum main cutting force”, or the zero worm and worm wheel mechanism (The zero worm is the cutter spindle). The diameter of the cutter spindle is 130mm, the length is 1360mm and the weight is 110kg. As prolonged sleeves for the cutter spindle are used, the upper sleeve is L180mm and the lower sleeve is L250mm, the contact area of the containing sleeves is larger, the guiding actions are more stable, thus ensuring higher cutting rigidity. Besides, an adaptor can be equipped for the high-precision large diameter cutters, which is convenient for erection and its performance is smooth and reliable, and suitable for cutting gears of large diameters.

4. The machine adopts a bi-directional cutter relieving device, which is moving smoothly, with no shocks and a low noise level. The adjustments of the cutter relieving directions are quick and easy and the cutter relieving amount is precise.

5. The worm & worm wheel pairs used for the saddle and the worktable, which are machined by the world-class GLEASON-PFAUTER CNC gear hobbing machine, have reached high precision so as to ensure the reliable machining accuracy of the machine.

6. The lubrication system of the machine with reliable oil return is controlled automatically and performs sufficient lubrication.

7. Two great-volume coolant nozzles are equipped on the machine to supply coolant for cutting the internal and external gears and for removing the chips.

8. A high-precision vertical accuracy test bar is available for the machine to facilitate the enduser to check and adjust the geometrical accuracy of the machine and to obtain a satisfactory lead error of the workpiece.

9.The machining accuracy of the machine can reach Grade 6 of the GB Standard.

10. Helix feed or large rotary feed can be performed on this machine for the high productivity and less worn-out of the cutter.

11.The machine can equip with a SIEMENS, FANUC or GSK CNC system on request of the customer.

12.An independent sealed electrical cabinet with an air conditioner is equipped for the machine.

13.A riser of different dimensions may be added on the machine to meet different requirements of the customer.


Max. Diameter of WorkExternalmm800(1000)
Max. Module of Workmm12
Max. Face Widthmm200
Distance Between Cutter Spindle Axis and Work Spindle Axismm0~650
Distance Between Bearing Surface of Cutter and Worktable Surfacemm215~435

(Standard version)

Max. Stroke Length of Cuttermm220
Number of Cutter Strokes per Minute25, 45, 60, 75, 100, 125, 150
Amount of Cutter Relievingmm≥0.65
Rotary Feed per Stroke of Cuttermm/str.0.1~1.5
Radial Feed per Stroke of Cuttermm/str.0.01~0.5
Diameter of Adaptor of Large DiametermmФ88.90-0.005


Diameter of Worktablemm800
Diameter of Worktable HoleФ130 H7
Number of T-slots8
Size of T-slot22H11
Max. Load of Worktablekg2000
Power of Main MotorKW7.5
Motor for Cutter RotationNM30
Motor for Worktable RotationNM30
Motor for Radial Feed of WorktableNM18
Total Power of MachineKVA35
Machine Weightt12
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)mm3620×1245×3792


1.Helical guide for cutting helical gears

2.Versions with risers of different dimensions

3.Tilt worktable

Note: The specifications are reference for you only, because of the continuous development of our products.

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