This machine is mainly designed for roughing and finishing spur racks with maximum length of 1250mm and maximum module of 8mm. The working accuracy of the machine can reach Grade 6, and the surface finish of the tooth blank can be Ra3.2.

The machine cuts racks using a disk-type shaping cutter. When a helical guide is equipped on the cutter spindle and a cutter with a certain helical angle is adopted, helical racks can be accommodated.

This machine is suitable for cutting racks, in batch production, used in the printing machinery, the food processing machinery, the petroleum machinery, the machine building industries. It can be used also for the job production or small-lot production in the mechanical industry.

Main Performance and Structural Characteristics of Machine

1.      The machine is an integral longitudinal layout with a rigid structure.

2.      A FANUC Oi-C CNC control system is equipped on the machine, which controls three axes, or the cutter rotation, the lateral movement of the table and the longitudinal movement of the table.

3.      The main motions of the machine are driven by means of a hydraulic friction plate speed changing device for the constant power speed regulation of the main motor.

4.      To guarantee the high precision cutting operation, imported precision ball screws are used for the tangential feed.

5.      The rack cutting procedures are divided into “one direction” cutting cycle and “bi-direction” cutting cycle to meet the needs of different cutting requirements.

6.      The reciprocating movements of the cutter spindle are driven directly by means of the crank-disk ball drawrod. A large-volumn coolant flowrate is a guarantee of the high-speed stroke numbers.

7.      A chip conveyor is equipped for the machine to dissipate timely the cutting heat and to stabilize the accuracy.

8.      An independent hydraulic station is available. Oil returns quickly, and the performance is stable.

9.      We can design and manufacture fixtures on request of the customers.

10.   For the convenience of machine operation, a free-standing electrical cabinet is equipped with an air conditioner and a swiveling pedant control panel.


Technical Specifications

Max. length of work1250mm
Max. module of work8mm
Max. face width of work100mm
Max. stroke length of work120mm
Number of strokes of cutter spindle90~580str./min
Distance of bearing surface of cutter to surface of table55~180mm
Rotary feed of cutter (X-axis)0.05~0.8mm/str.
Radial feed of Z-axis0.04~1mm/str.
Tangential feed of Y-axis0.04~1mm/str.
Rapid traverse of Z-axis1.5m/min
Rapid traverse of Y-axis (worktable)1.5m/min
Amount of cutter relief≥ 0.5mm
Power of main motor7.5kw
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)1700×2500×2520mm
Machine weightAppr. 6t

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