YK5150B CNC Gear Shaper

This machine is designed for the production of internal and external spur gears, non-circular plate gears and plate cams. When using a special cutter, various types of gears couplings and involute splines can be produced. If a helical guide is adopted, helical gears can be cut and when a tilt worktable is equipped, tapered tooth gears and the tapered clutches can be manufactured.

This machine is a CNC Gear Shaper with three-axis.it is mostly suitable for unit production and small-sized production and also for mass production.

This machine is suitable for the production of gears used in machine tool industries, military product, automobile, tractors, aviation, textile and instrument, etc.

  Machine Features

1.   It is a longitudinally arranged machine, on which the worktable is stationary while the radial feed movements are performed by the column through the ball screws and the sliding guideways.

2.   It is a CNC machine with three-axis simultaneous control for cutter spindle rotation (X-axis), worktable rotation (Y-axis) and radial feed of column (Z-axis).

3.   A frequency-variable motor is used for the main drive of cutter spindle. In order to ensure the sufficient cutting force at a low speed and a large feedrate, two positions of stepless speed change controlled hydraulically are equipped in the transmission box. And the cutter will be stopped at the top position automatically.

4.   A new type of two-way relieving mechanism is used for the excellent and lower noise relief of cutter and it is easy for setting the relieving direction.

5.   High accuracy worm gear and variable tooth thickness worm sets are used for cutter head drive and worktable drive respectively.

6.   An angular cutter relieving function is available for the column, so as to prevent the cutter inference with the workpiece.

7.   Gears machined on this machine may reach Grade 6 of the GB Standard.

8.   Special fixtures, tailstock center and helical guide may be designed and manufactured on requests of the customer.

9.   In order to meet the requirements of customers, machine bed riser may be equipped on the machine.

10.   An enclosure and an auto chip conveyor are adopted on the machine.

11.   The machine is equipped with a CNC control system 828D and a servo system (SIEMENS), or the Oi CNC control system and a servo system from FANUC Japan.

12.   An independent sealed electrical cabinet which is with air conditioner is equipped on the machine.

13.   An independent hydraulic station is adopted for the machine and the coolant system is provided with large volume and multi-nozzle cooling for the workpieces.


   Main Specifications of Machine

Max. Diameter of WorkExternalmm500
Max. Module of Workmm10
Max. Face Widthmm130
Max. Length of Cutter Strokemm150
Adjusting Amount of Stroke Lengthmm20
Number of Cutter Stroke Per Minutestr/min0~500
Diameter of Cutter Spindlemm90
Diameter of Mounting Journal of Cuttermm31.743
Distance between Bearing Surface of Cutter and Worktable Surfacemm130~300
Distance between Axes of Cutter and Work Spindlesmm0~380
Amount of Angular Cutter Relievingmm±30
Diameter of WorktablemmΦ625
Diameter of Worktable HolemmΦ120
Number of T Slots8
Radial Feed Per Stroke of Columnmm/str0.01~0.25
Rotary Feed Per Stroke of Cuttermm/str0.01~2.5
Power of Main Motorkw11
Total Power of MachineKVA28(32)
Weight of Machinet13
Overall Dimensions(L x W x H)mm2850x1790x2670


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