YK51125A CNC Gear Shaper

This machine is a CNC Gear Shaper designed mainly for the production of gears used on large and medium size speed reducers, wind-mill generating components, tractor, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, machine tool, aircraft and textile industries, etc. It is suitable for the jobbing and batch productions as well as for the mass production. It is mainly used for cutting internal and external cylindrical gears, different kinds of non-circular gears and plate cams. When special cutters are adopted, various kinds of serration couplings and involutes splines can be machined. When a helical guide and a special cutter are adopted, the helical gears can be machined. (optional)

  Main Features and Structural Characteristics of Machine

1)     The machine adopts longitudinally arranged, oscillated cutter relieving and the radial feed of the worktable is realized on three rectangular guide ways. The machine bed, column, cutter head and worktable have the characteristics excellent structure and transmission rigid.

2)     It is a CNC machine with four axes, which are the reciprocating movements of the cutter spindle, the cutter spindle rotation (X-axis), the worktable rotation (Y-axis) and the radial feed of the worktable (Z-axis).

3)     The main movement of the machine is driven by a spindle servo motor. Stepless speed regulation and automatic cutting speed change are possible.

4)     A Large-diameter zero-degree worm and segmental zero-degree worm wheel transmission mechanism, which applies a constant cutting force during the whole cutting process, is adopted for the cutter spindle movements, in order to guarantee the sufficient cutting force for the cutter spindle. (see picture)

5)     The cutter spindle can stop automatically at the up-stop position and can be elevated by using a new-type structure. It is suitable for cutting deep-hole internal gears.

6)     A built-in spring and new-type cutter adapter have been adopted in the cutter head.

7)     A new-type double roller and two-way relieving mechanism is adopted, for carrying out an accurate, stable and low noise cutter relieving motion.

8)     A tangent cutter relief is possible to prevent the phenomenon of cutter interference when cutting the internal gears or helical gears.

9)     A safety enclosure, which has an excellent visibility for the operating conditions and is easy to be operation, is equipped on the machine to prevent oil splash and an auto chip conveyor is provided on the machine.

10) An independent forced lubrication system is used for the cutter head, and timing & quantitative lubrication is adopted for the other parts of the machine. A chip-flushing air-gun is available.

11) A CNC control servo system 828D (SIEMENS) is equipped on the machine and an air conditioner is provided for the independent sealed electrical cabinet.

12) The great volume coolant is adopted and the machine bed is designed as a coolant tank for the timely heat dissipation and stable accuracy.

13) An independent hydraulic station is available for the quick return of oil and to prevent the oil from being mixed with the coolant.

14) A riser and adaptors for different cutter diameters can be available on special request.

15) The machining accuracy can reach Grade 6 of the GB Standard.

3.         Main Specification of Machine

Max. Diameter of WorkExternalmm1250
Max. Module of Workmm12
Max. Face Widthmm280
Max. Stroke Length of Cuttermm300
Distance Between Axes of Cutter and Work Spindlemm190~750
Distance between Worktable Surface and Bearing Surface of Cuttermm380~710
Amount of Cutter Relievingmm0.55
Travel of Cutter Spindle Elevationmm300 – face width
Diameter of Cutter Adaptormmφ88.9,φ101.6
Amount of Angular Cutter Relievingmm50
Diameter of Cutter Spindlemm145
Cutter reciprocating strokes per minutestr/min30~200
Rotary Feed of Cuttermm/str0.01~3
Radial Feed of Worktablemm/str0.01~0.5
Diameter of Worktablemm1250
Diameter of Worktable Holemm130
Max. Rotation of Worktablerpm1.5
Rapid Radial Traverse of Worktablemm/min1000
Max. Load of WorktableKG3000
Power of Main MotorKW18.5
Total Power of MachineKW43
Machine WeightKG20000
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)mm3740x2100x3430

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