YK2730 CNC Double-Cutter Straight Bevel Gear Generator

The YK2730 CNC double-cutter straight bevel gear generator is a newly developed product of Tianjin No.1 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. through its specialized technology and experiences in building straight bevel gear cutting machines and spiral bevel gear cutting machines for over 70 years.

The machine is designed for rough cutting or finish cutting straight bevel gears and it’s especially suitable for cutting gears with crowned teeth. The machining efficiency is very high, about 3 – 5 times higher than machines of the same specifications, and the machine noise level is low. The machining accuracy of the machine can reach Grade 6 of the GB Standard.

The machine is suitable for cutting straight bevel gears used in gear boxes, speed reducers, precision transmissions, etc. and also for cutting differential gears used on the rear axles of luxury cars.


  1. A SIEMENS 828D CNC control system is equipped on the machine and this is a 4-axis CNC machine with 3- axis simultaneous movements. A spindle servo motor controls the stepless speed regulation of the cutter spindle. Tool setting and cutter adjustments can be performed through the electronic handwheel.
  2. The structural layout of the double cutter brackets is unique to guarantee a reasonable space in the high rigidity condition of the machine.
  3. Both the cradle and the workhead are driven by means of high precision worm and worm wheel pairs. All the structure and the transmission of the machine are rigidly designed.
  4. All the CNC control system, the major electrical components, the bearings and the sealing parts are imported ones to ensure the reliability of the machine.
  5. The machine has a free-standing sealed electrical cabinet equipped with a thermo-control device.
  6. An enclosure and an auto chip conveyor are equipped on the machine.


Max. module of workmm8
Max. cone distance of workmm160
Pitch angle (at 90º shaft angle)5º 42’ – 84º 18’
Extreme ratio (at 90º shaft angle)1 : 10
Max. diameter of workmm300
Max. face width of workmm40
Teeth number5 –150
Max. adjusting angle of cutter head
Distance between face of work spindle and machine centermm70 — 390
Time for cutting one tooths4 — 69
Cutting speedm/min.30 — 85
Diameter of taper hole of work spindle at large endmm100
Taper of work spindle hole1 : 20
Cutter diameter       inch10″ , 10.5″
Max. cradle rollabove zero line30º
below zero line30º
Power of main motorKW3.7
Speed of main motorrpm800 — 1500
Power of coolant motorKW0.25
Flowrate of coolant pumpL/min200
Total power of machineKVA20
Overall dimensionsmm2400x1800x1800
Machine weightKG8000

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