The machine is designed for grinding straight bevel gears of diameter up to 320mm and module of 1.5 – 8mm in mass production. Accuracy of gears ground on this machine can reach stably to Grade 5 of the GB Standard 。With better machining flexibility, excellent power transmission, stable moving accuracy and safe operating performance, it is suitable to grind middle-sized high precision straight bevel gears used for precision machineries, high precision speed reducers ,accurate instruments & military high precision parts. The transmission accuracy and smoothness of gears ground on this machine will be improved tremendously.



1. The machine consists of the following major components: the machine bed, the cradle, the grinding wheel bracket, the workhead, the main drive, the sliding base feed mechanism and the hydraulic drive ystem. The grinding wheel is fastened on the spindle of the grinding wheel bracket. The grinding wheel position to the workpiece can be adjusted in a certain distance, by moving the grinding wheel bracket. The workpiece is chucked on the arbor which is mounted into the work spindle and fastened by means of a hydraulic chuck. The root angle of the workpiece to be ground can be adjusted by turning the workhead on the sliding base and the workhead setting will be determined by adjusting the horizontal position off the worrkhead. In addition, the sliding base must be moved forward or backward toward the central position under certain circumstances to satisfy the demand of the sliding base position.

2. A grinding wheel dresser is equipped on the machine, which has two diamond styluses (One is used for the tooth profile and the other is used for dressing the circumference of the grinding wheel.)

3. Crowned teeth and profile corrected teeth can be ground on this machine by the modifying device of the mechanical mechanism. With the exception of workpiece loading and unloading, all the machine operations are performed automatically in an automatic work cycle.

4. A SIEMENS 828D CNC control system is equipped for the machine, which has 5 drive axes and perform 3-axis simultaneous movements of the cradle indexing, the workhead indexing and the lead screw of the sliding base. Automatic machine setting ups can be made by means of the user-friendly grinding software package, which is of easy operation and convenient use.

5. The machine is designed for grinding one flank of the tooth and the other flank of the tooth can also  be ground rotating the cradle. Therefore, this is a rigid machine with faster grinding cycles. Modern grinding specifications can be adopted on this machine and paper filter, thermostatic oil tank (on special order), oil-mist exhauster, etc. will be available.


(一)被加工工件尺寸 Capacity
最大加工模数 Max. module of work8mm

Max. length of pitch element (At 30°  spiral angle)


Max. pitch diameter (at 30° spiral angle and 10 : 1 ratio)

根锥角 Root angle
最大 Max.90°
最小 Min.
最大传动比(轴夹角90°时)  Extreme ratio (at 90° shaft angle)101
最大切齿深度  Max. tooth depth18mm
最大切齿宽度 Max. face width50mm
(工件主轴主要参数  Work Spindle
主轴端到机床中心的距离 Distance between spindle end to machine center

最大   Max.

最小   Min.




主轴锥孔大端直径   Diameter of taper hole of spindle at large end100mm
锥度  Taper120
锥长  Taper length150mm
主轴通孔直径    Diameter of through hole78mm
主轴法兰直径    Diameter of flange170f9
()砂轮直径    Diameter of Grinding Wheel250mm

()砂轮转速    Speed of Grinding Wheel

3000rpm (变频调速  frequency-variable

 speed regulation

()摇台调整量  Cradle Settings
调整角      Adjusting angle240°
摆架最大摇摆角   Max. cradle roll60°
()床位自机床中心最大位移   Sliding Base Setting Max. movement from machine center
向前           Forward

    向后           Backward

25mm                                         160mm
(七)主电机功率 power of main motor5.5 kw
(八)机床总功率 total capacity25 KVA
(机床净重            Machine Weight8000kg
(十)机床外形尺寸       Overrall dimensions2800×2200×2200mm
(十一)电器柜尺寸         Electrical cabinet dimensions1750×600×2000mm



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