Machine Application

This machine is designed for cutting straight bevel gears used in the general-purpose machine building industry.

Machine Features

1.     This is a 4-axis CNC machine: the cradle roll (X-axis), the workpiece rotation (Y-axis), the sliding base feed (Z-axis) and the reciprocating movements of the cutter (S-axis).

2.     The machine cuts gears with the Generating Principle, of which the gear being cut makes relative rolls repeatedly together with the imaginary generating gear (represented by the reciprocating movements of the cutter).

3.     The cutter head, the critical part of the machine, is mounted on the cradle and the gear being cut is mounted on the spindle. The indexing box is located on the sliding base, and the cradle and the sliding base are fixed on the machine bed.

4.     Two cutters with linear cutting edges are mounted on the cutter head and make reciprocating linear movements together with the cutter head.

5.     A connecting rod mechanism is adopted on the cutter head, which is driven by means of a variable-frequency motor to make the reciprocating movements of the cutter.

6.     High-precision worm and worm wheel pairs are used for both the cradle spindle and the indexing box spindle, which are driven by means of servo motors.

7.     A ball lead screw, driven by a servo motor, is used for the feed movement of the sliding base.

8.     A SIEMENS 828D CNC control system is equipped for the machine.

9.     A beautiful, safe and suitable full-enclosure, with good visibility and anti-oil splash, is equipped on the machine. The machine has an automatic chip conveyor.

10.  An independent and sealed electrical cabinet with an air conditioner is equipped for the machine.

11.  The accuracy of straight bevel gears machined on this machine may reach Grade 7 of the GB Standard.


Machine Specifications


Max. diameter of work500mm
Max. module of work10mm
Max. cone distance of work250mm
Max. tooth length85mm
Root angle8°~ 81°
Extreme ratio, at 90°shaft angle1:8
Number of teeth10—200
Minimum teeth number at 1:1 ratio and α=20 degree15
Max. adjusting angle of cutter head
Distance between end of work head spindle and machine center70—380mm
Number of strokes of cutter (15 steps)98—500 str./min
Time for cutting one tooth (11 steps)16.1—100s
Sliding base setting: above machine center

Below machine center



Max. cradle roll: above zero scale

Below zero scale



Taper of work spindle hole1:20
Diameter of taper hole at large end100mm
Diameter of through hole78mm
Power of main motor3kw
Speed of main motor800—1300rpm
Total power of machine20KVA
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)2400x1800x1800mm
Machine weight8t



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