YK2312CNC Straight Bevel Gear Generator

The YK2312 CNC straight bevel gear generator is a newly developed product of Tianjin No.1 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. through its specialized technology and experience in building straight bevel gear generators for nearly 70 years. This machine is especially suitable for cutting high-precision straight bevel gears of small diameters and small modules. The accuracy of the straight bevel gears machined by this machine can reach Grade 6 of the GB Standard.

The machine cuts gears using two reciprocating cutters and all the single job production, small lot production and batch production are accommodated on this machine. It’s applicable for the manufacturing of small precision straight bevel gears used in the precision instrument and apparatus industries.


1.     This is a 4-axis CNC machine with 3-axis simultaneous movements. The spindle servo motor is the power source and tool setting and cutter adjustments can be made through the electronic handwheel.

2.     After the conventional mechanical structure is simplified and the transmission chain is shortened, the machine set-up time is reduced as changes of the change gears are not required. This not only increases the machine accuracy but also makes the machine operation more correct and more convenient.

3.     A GSK CNC control system and servo motors are the standard equipment of the machine. A SIEMENS or a FANUC CNC control system and motors can be available on special requests of the customer. A full-enclosure and a chip removal container are the standard equipment.

4.     The machine has a free-standing sealed electrical cabinet equipped with a thermostatic- control device.

5.     A built-in coolant tank and a hydraulic tank are erected on the machine bed.


1.Dimensions of Work
Max. module of workmm2.5
Max. length of pitch elementmm63
Max. pitch diameter (ratio 10:1)mm125
Root angle  Max.90º & Min.4º
Extreme ratio  (at 90º shaft angle)ratio10:1
Max. tooth depthmm5.5
Max. face widthmm20
Number of teethteeth5 — 150
2.Work Spindle
Diameter of taper hole at large endmmΦ31.267
TaperratioMorse No.4
Taper lengthmm80
Diameter of through holemmΦ20H11
Distance from face of spindle to machine centermm30 — 190
3.Cutter Head
Adjusting angledegree360º
Max. cradle rolldegree80º
Max. positioning angle of tool holderdegree
Max. travel of cuttermm28
Over run of cuttermm3 at inner end

5 at outer end

Type GR83-60I straight bevel gear cutter                   I
Cutter strokes per minutestr./min250– 700
6.Machine Weightt1.8
7.Overall Dimensionsmm1700x1650x1700

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