YK2232 CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Generator

The YK2232 machine is a CNC spiral bevel gear generator designed to cut spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears of diameter up to 320mm and module up to 6mm. The machine is suitable for machining of fine pitch spiral bevel gear pairs used on light-duty vehicles, motor bikes, off-road vehicles and quad bikes.

This machine is a general-purpose machine used for roughing or finishing the pinions and gears. The machining accuracy is up to Grade 6 (GB/T11365-89).

Features of the Machine

This machine is a 3-axis CNC spiral bevel gear generator. The three-axis CNC controlled movements are the cradle movement (X-axis), the work spindle movement (Y-axis) and the sliding base movement (Z-axis). A SIEMENS 828D CNC control system is adopted on the machine, which is capable for three-axis simultaneous movements of the machine.

The main motion of the cutter is driven by means of a frequency-variable motor, and stepless speed regulation is possible. No change gears are required for the machine adjustments. This shortens the set-up time and simplifies the machine operation, thus increasing the productivity of the machine.

Ⅲ. Parameters of Motors

AC frequency-variable motor for the main drive3KWHydraulic motor1.47KW
Servo motor  cradle3.2KWCoolant motor150W
Servo motor  workhead3.2KWChip conveyor motor100W
Servo motor  sliding base3.2KWTotal capacity of machine15KVA

Ⅳ. Technical Specifications of the Machine

1. Work to be Machined
Max. modulemm6
Teeth number5~100
Extreme ratio10:1
Max. cutting depthmm18
Max. face widthmm40
Max. pitch diametermm320
Root angleMaximum 90°
Minimum 0~8°
2. Work Spindle
Diameter of taper hole at large endmm80
Diameter of through holemm45
Diameter of spindle endmm130
3. Cutter Diameter6〃、71/2〃、9〃
4. Workhead Setup
Max. offsetmm±55
Machine center to spindle nosemm40~260
5. Cutter Setup
Cutter speed (2 steps)rpm50~150
6. Position of sliding Base
Max. displacement from centermmForward 30
Backward 120
7. Net WeighttAppr.6
8.Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)mm1800×1490×1725

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