YK22160-Spiral bevel gear milling machine

Product Introduction
YK22160 is a six-axis five-linkage full CNC helical bevel gear milling machine, which has the function of milling the large and small wheels of the bevel teeth with a single-sided cutterhead and machining bevel gears with a double-sided cutterhead. Under the normal machining conditions of the machine tool, the milling accuracy reaches the 7-level accuracy specified in the accuracy standard of GB11365-89 bevel gears and hypoid gears, and the tooth surface roughness is Ra3.2.

1. The machine tool adopts a horizontal structure, the main structure is designed with high rigidity, and the overall stability of the machine tool is good;
2. Each servo axis adopts high-precision angle encoder and high-precision linear grating ruler, with high servo accuracy and stable performance;
3. The self-developed helical bevel gear HCS processing control software is integrated in the 840D numerical control system, and the human-computer interaction is simple and convenient.
Product function configuration:
1. It has the function of processing arc bevel gears and hypoid gears;
2. It has the function of wet cutting gears;
3. It has an alarm mode to help the system;
4. Configure safety protection control module (including power-off retreat, emergency retreat, etc.).


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