YK22130-Spiral bevel gear milling machine

Product Introduction
YK22130 six-axis CNC five-axis linkage full CNC helical bevel gear milling machine, which can process shrink spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears with single-sided cutterhead or double-sided cutterhead.
The machine can be powerful and efficient indexing, with high production efficiency. The machine tool is a fully enclosed structure, under the normal processing conditions of the machine tool, the milling accuracy can reach GB/T11365-1989 bevel gears and hypoid gears accuracy standard specified in the 6 levels of accuracy, and the tooth roughness is Ra3.2.

Standard Features:

It has the function of processing spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears with arc teeth and shrinkage teeth

It has the function of wet cutting gears

Equipped with helical bevel gear HCS machining control software integrated in 840D SL CNC system

Alarm mode to help the system

Equipped with safety protection control module (including power-off retreat, emergency retreat, etc.)

Software standard features:

Database file management

Adjust card and log management

Multi-level authority management

Parameter input in multiple formats

Selection of full-function processing method (including fixed installation method and full-process method)

Selection of a variety of cutting processes (including cutting, double cutting, single roll expansion, double rolling formation)

Knife bar count monitoring

Proportion correction function Comprehensive safety protection (including emergency retreat, power-off retreat, power monitoring, etc.)

Workpiece indexing compensation

Tooth surface inversion parameter link

Self-diagnosis alarm function

Data link with CyDesignM calculation software

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