YK2212B CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Generator

These are a new series of CNC machines produced on the base of our experiences for developing spiral bevel gear generators and application of CNC technology in many years, with modern design method and integrative technology of mechanics and electronics.

This series of machines are suitable for cutting small size spiral bevel gears used for small size speed reducer, motorbike and bicycle industries, and for cutting fine spiral bevel gears used for top grade sewing machines and power tools. It is most suitable for batch production as well as suitable for mass or jobbing production, The machine is easy for operation and the quality is stable and reliable. It’s convenient to arrange the production line.

Main Performances and Structural Characteristics of Machine

1.This series of machines are designed to operate as three-axes CNC control spiral bevel gear generator, i.e. cradle roll (X axis), work spindle rotation (Y axis) and sliding base movement (Z axis) being simultaneously controlled by control system for cutting the gears. The rotation of cutter spindle is controlled silently by a servo motor for its stepless control..

2.This series of machines are easy to adjust, with setting up the procedure for generating, indexing, infeed, cutter speed and cradle return roll according to requirements of different cutting method, meanwhile the productivity of machine has a great increase.

3.Tool setting and adjustment of the machines are made through an electronic handwheel. There are soft & hard limits on the machine for the protection functions.

4.A high precision cylindrical gear pair is used for the cradle movement and the workhead is driven by means of a high precision worm and worm wheel pair. The smooth transmissions ensure the high dynamic rigidity of the cradle mechanism and high precision of high speed, high efficient indexing motions. The cutting accuracy of gears can reach Grade 6 of the GB Standard stably.

5.This series of machines are equipped with CNC control system 828D (SIEMENS) or FANUC CNC to accomplish the automatic or manual control and fault diagnosis.

6.This series of machines are equipped with an independent close type electrical cabinet with an air conditioner.

7.An enclosure and an auto-chip conveyor can be available on this series of machines.


Specifications of Machine

(一)被加工工件尺寸  Work to be cut
最大加工模数  Max. modulemm3

Max. pitch cone distance

mm65 (螺旋角30°时)

(spiral angle 30°)


Max. pitch diameter

mm125 (螺旋角30°,传动比10:1及2:1时)

(spiral angle 30°,  ratio10:1 & 2:1)

根锥角Root angle最大Max..90°
 最大传动比  Max. ratio10:1
 齿圈最大齿宽  Max. face widthmm20
 最大齿高  Max. cutting depthmm6
 加工齿数  Number of teeth5-100
(二)工件主轴主要参数   Work spindle

Diameter of taper hole at large end



莫氏 5#(随机配置莫氏4#过度套)

Morse taper5#

(A reducing bush of Morse taper 4# is equipped on request.)

 锥长  Length of tapermm110

Diameter of through hole


Thread diameter at front part of spindle

(三)刀盘直径   Cutter diameter1/2″,11/10″,11/2″,2″,31/2
(四)工件箱调整   Workhead settings

Max. offset of spindle


Up 30, Down 20

主轴端面到机床中心距离   Distance from face of spindle to machine centermm30~190

Cutter speed (stepless)


Power of main motor

(六)摇台调整量   Cradle settings
 调整角  Setting angle0°~360°
 径向刀位  Radialmm0~64
(七)床位  Sliding base

Max. movement from machine center


Total power of machien


Overall dimensions of machine

(十)机床净重   Net weightt2.8

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