YK2080G CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Grinder

YK2080G type CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machine is a CNC technology, used for machining module ≤15mm, diameter ≤800mm high precision spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear finishing equipment.

The design of this machine tool is universal, suitable for large and small batch production.

This machine tool is used to produce all kinds of high precision spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear with medium diameter in machinery manufacturing industry.

The machine adopts German SIEMENS 828D numerical control system, numerical control resolution 0.001mm, with three numerical control axes: shaking table (X axis), workpiece (Y axis), bed saddle (Z axis), can achieve three-axis linkage. The grinding wheel spindle (S axis) adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation, so that the machine tool has no hanging wheel, the movement can be programmed, and the operation is intuitive, convenient and flexible. The machine can also be programmed in a conversational way, so that the personnel who only have experience in the operation and adjustment of mechanical gear milling machine can simply and intuitively operate the machine. The user can also convert the parameters of the commonly used YKT2250 (or Y225), YKD2280 and other machine tool adjustment cards into the corresponding parameters of the machine tool through the software provided at random.

Main features of machine tool:

The machine adopts AC variable frequency motor as the main driving force, the shaking table and the workpiece spindle are driven by the servo motor and the bed saddle feed is driven by the servo motor through the precision ball screw, which simplifies the traditional mechanical transmission, does not need to replace the mounting wheel, shorens the adjustment time of the machine tool, simplifies the transmission chain, further improves the accuracy, and makes the operation more accurate and convenient.

The machine is equipped with an independently sealed electric cabinet and air conditioning is optional.

The machine is equipped with safety cover and independent cooling box.

Power source parameters: 380V  50Hz

Main electrical parameters:

Main drive AC variable frequency motor     4kw     2890rpm

Shaking table servo motor            36Nm   3000rpm

Workpiece and bed saddle feed servo motor   27Nm   3000rpm

Total electrical power of machine tools           38kw

Machine tool specifications:

The dimensions of the workpiece being machined
Maximum machining modulus15 mm

Maximum pitch cone busbar length


Spiral Angle

285 mm
15°350 mm
30°350 mm
Pitch taper Angle of the workpieceMax 90°
The maximum transmission ratio of grinding gear with an Angle between the countershafts of 90°10:1



Maximum pitch circle diameter of the gear being machined




Gear pair ratio to be machined





Spiral Angle

575 mm
15°700 mm
30°800 mm


520 mm
15°635 mm
30°750 mm


395 mm
15°500 mm
30°600 mm
Maximum tooth width100 mm
Spiral Angle0°~60°
Pressure Angle20°
Maximum tooth height33 mm
Number of teeth4~100
Wheel diameter6″9″
Work box
Distance from spindle end face to machine centerMax600 mm
minimum125 mm
Represents the distance between the spindle end face and the center of the machine toolstraightedge1mm
The spindle moves vertically down from the center position 

When the spindle end face to the center of the machine tool adjustment position to the right column values

The spindle moves vertically up from the center position90mm
Spindle vertical movement vernier reading per cellstraightedge1 mm

Spindle taper hole dimensions

Big end diameter153 mm
Cone length180 mm
Spindle through hole diameter125 mm
Spindle bluing diameter235 mm

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