Vortex finishing machine

The vortex grooming machine adopts the principle of vortex flow, the speed of the flow of the processed workpiece can be adjusted, the tilting body design, and the discharging is convenient. The container is lined with polyurethane (PU) material, which has a long service life. The machine is simple to operate, low noise, high efficiency and good effect.
Vortex flow finishing machine is widely used in machinery, metal stamping parts, standard parts, precision electronic parts, instrumentation, watches and clocks, mobile phone accessories, bicycle parts, automobile parts, motorcycle parts,
Sewing machine parts, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, bearings, electrical devices, handicrafts, jade, medical equipment, aerospace, military, jewelry, magnetic materials, tableware and other industries of black and non-ferrous metal workpieces deburring, flashing, rust removal, processing marks, deoxidation and other surface polishing, finishing, surface roughness of the processed workpiece can be increased by 1-2 grades on the original basis. Get quality results for your products.
1. Using the original vortex flow principle, the finishing efficiency is outstanding, and the work efficiency is improved by 15~30 times.
2. The speed of the turntable can be selected according to the need, which is easy to operate, and the processing of the workpiece can be spot-checked at any time.
3. The fixing groove and the turntable are lined with polyurethane rubber, which has high strength, good wear resistance and extended service life.

Technical parameters:

Product codeVolume LMotor power KWUse a power source
Motor speed
The width of the working groove MMGlue thickness MMDimensions: Length*Width*Height MMweight KG
XXWP-606022380/501430160October 20th1470x800X1300460
XXWP-1201204380/501450240October 22nd1700x900X1340800

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