Vibrating finishing machine

Large output, high efficiency, energy saving, long life, low noise, no pollution, high quality.
1. The vibration deviation generated by the inertial shaker (eccentric block of the vibrating motor) is used to make the workpiece and abrasive move in the working groove of the machine, so that the workpiece and the abrasive run in one direction and rub against each other to achieve the effect of surface treatment.
2. It is suitable for finishing and finishing of large quantities of medium, small and large parts, with good processing effect and short time.
3. The processing process does not destroy the original size and shape of the parts, and is suitable for the finishing of workpieces of various shapes.
4. The inner lining of the container is made of PU material (polyurethane); It prevents the workpiece from being in direct contact with the metal, and also greatly extends the service life of the machine.
5. Easy to operate, the processing effect of the parts can be spot-checked at any time during the working process, and the optional PLC control electric box can realize automatic operation.
6. The discharging device of the A-type and AB-type machines can separate the grinding block from the workpiece, and the workpiece will be automatically discharged.

Technical parameters:

Model TypeCapacityMotor power KWUSE POWER SUPPLY V/HZMotor speed R/minWorking groove width MMGlue thickness mmDimensions: Length*Width*Height mmWeight KG
XXZP-AB1501502.2380/501440220August 20th1090*1030*850320
XXZP-AB2202203380/501450260August 22nd1200*1180*920400
XXZP-AB4204203.7380/501450335August 22nd1530*1430*1060630
XXZP-AB6206205.5380/501450385October 25th2040*1840*13601350

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