Thermal deburring machine

The deburring (flashing) process of thermal energy deburring machine is a thermochemical reaction process, which puts the required deburring (flashing) parts into a closed container, and then fills it with a certain amount of hydrogen (or methane) and oxygen, and after being ignited by a spark plug, the mixed gas reacts instantaneously to release a large amount of heat, so that the burr (flash) is heated and spontaneously ignited under the action of high temperature (about 3000 °C), high pressure (20 times of inflation pressure), and high speed (8 times of sound speed), so as to achieve the purpose of removing burr (flash). Due to the short reaction time (only 0.003 seconds), the original size, surface finish, metallographic structure and mechanical properties of the machined parts remain basically unchanged.
The hot deburring machine is the equipment designed and manufactured by our company according to the world’s advanced technology, and has its own core technology.

Introduction to the deburring machine model:

Studio size (mm)ø200×220∅200×220ø200×200
Inflation pressure (MPa)
Closing force (KN)150015002500
Cycle time(S)70~9040~5535~50
Number of stations555
Weight (T)6710

(Note: Each series has its corresponding 240 and other models)

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