Round baffle doors

Product overview of flue gas baffle doors:
The flue gas double-layer louver baffle type damper is produced by introducing foreign advanced technology, and the baffle door is used for the flue gas system inlet or bypass flue, or for flue gas desulfurization, denitrification and flue gas dust removal system.
Performance characteristics of flue gas baffle doors:
1. Adopt single-shaft drive double louver baffle structure, and the middle of the double-layer blade is designed with a sealing chamber for introducing sealing air, which will pass the sealing air higher than the flue gas pressure of 500Pa into the baffle, so that a sealing air isolation layer is formed between the double-layer baffles to block the passage of flue gas flow.
2. The opening and closing time of the damper ≤ 60S (can be selected according to user requirements).
3. The external design is equipped with a connecting rod mechanism to make several blades open or close synchronously.
4. The design structure of the double shutter baffle door is reasonable, the blade rigidity is good, the operation is stable and reliable, and the shutter baffle blade sealing type: elastic seal and air seal.
5. The double baffle is designed and installed with a sealed air inlet valve, and the sealing efficiency of the baffle door is 100% after the sealing air is introduced. Single-baffle door sealing efficiency of ≥98%
6. Drive mode: manual, pneumatic or electric.
7. The drive device is usually connected and installed with the damper in direct connection.
8. The electric device adopts mechatronics products, with torque protection and limiting device and can be controlled and operated remotely, and the electric device also has the function of hand and electric switching for installation, commissioning and maintenance.
9. The connection between the damper and the pipeline: flange sealing welding connection or flange bolt connection. 10. The sealed fan and electric heater of the sealed air system can be provided in complete sets after our selection.

Technical parameters of flue gas baffle door:
1. Flue cross-section: D (width) xW (height) xL (thickness);
2. Applicable medium: hot and cold flue gas;
3. Design temperature resistance: ≤300°C;
4. Design pressure: ±8500Pa;
5. Leakage rate inside and outside the flue gas: “0”
6. Drive mode: electric or pneumatic
7. Power supply and control requirements: selected by the user.
Fourth, the scope of supply of flue gas baffle door
Sealed fans and electric heaters are available as a complete package, including damper body, sealed damper inlet valve, drive (electric or pneumatic) and other accessories.
Instructions for ordering flue gas baffle doors:
1. Provide the size of the flue interface and the installation position of the pipeline (horizontal pipeline or vertical pipeline);
2. Flue gas parameters;
3. Opening and closing time requirements;
4. Connection: flange plane butt welding connection or flange bolt connection;
5. Anti-corrosion material requirements (nickel-based alloy or acid-resistant stainless steel);
6. Operation mode: electric or pneumatic (required by the brand of the drive device);
7. The purpose and position of the damper in the pipeline;
8. Before ordering, the supplier provides the installation general drawing to the buyer for confirmation.

Description of the flue gas baffle door:
1. The damper adjusts the material according to the flue gas working conditions, and has the characteristics of temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.
2. In order to make the damper door panel not easy to deform under high temperature, there are stiffeners between the double-layer panels, with a thickness of 5mm for a single layer and a total thickness of 600mm for the damper. The damper shaft head, bearing, sleeve and shaft are made of several different high-temperature, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials.
3. The electric device and the damper shaft are integrated, there is no gap, and the air leakage rate is less than 0.1% after closing.
4. There is a multi-functional limiting device on the electric device, and the switch is in place accurately.
5. There is a DCS interface in the distribution cabinet to achieve the effect of automatic operation.
6. It has adjustment, isolation and sharing, flexible adjustment and good isolation performance.
7. The switch is flexible, there is no jamming, no internal leakage, no external leakage, and the shaft seal is good.
8. High degree of full automation, with remote, short-distance and manual operation functions.
9. The production process conforms to relevant industry standards.

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