Precision screw rotor

Precision screw rotors are widely used in refrigeration compressors, gas compressors, vacuum pumps and many other fields.

Main performance and features:
1. The diameter of the screw ranges from Ø60~Ø330mm, and the length can reach 1100mm. Screws that are not in this range can be custom-made by Holloyd Precision Screws in the UK.
2. Screw can be widely used in refrigeration and air conditioning, petroleum, chemical industry, gas pump, electric power, shipbuilding, mining, food, medicine, environmental protection and plastics and many other fields.
3. Main screw rotor types:
Precision screw rotor (for refrigeration compressors) with a diameter range of Ø80~Ø330mm
Precision screw rotor (for air compressor), diameter range Ø80~Ø330mm

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