Planetary finishing machine

The planetary finishing machine adopts the planetary transmission mode and uses the principle of centrifugal movement. There are 4 6-angle rollers loaded in the hopper (the hopper is fixed on the rotating plate, and the automatic unloading type roller is fixed on the rotating plate), and when the rotating plate rotates, the drum rotates in the opposite direction.
It is suitable for small and medium-sized workpiece polishing and finishing, especially suitable for deburring, chamfering and polishing of workpieces with special-shaped cavity holes and heat treatment. It is 10-20 times more efficient than other finishing machines. Drum
The decoration machine is lined with two kinds of colloids: rubber and PU;
There are two types of grinding drum loading: horizontal type and inclined type; There are three different transmission modes: chain drive, synchronous belt drive and gear drive.
This machine is quiet and easy to operate.
1. Using planetary transmission mode and the principle of centrifugal movement, the finishing efficiency is high, and the working efficiency is improved by 10-20 times.
2. It is suitable for batch of small and medium-sized workpiece finishing processing, especially for workpieces with special-shaped cavity holes and heat treatment.
3. Low noise and easy operation.
Technical Parameters:

Product codeVolume LMotor power KWUse a power source
Motor speed
The width of the working groove MMGlue thickness MMDimensions: Length*Width*Height MMweight KG
XXXP-A30301.5-4P380/5014307.5×4June 8th1050X1000X1180350
XXXP-B30301.5-4P380/5014307.5×4June 8th1050X1000X1180350
XXXP-A36361.5-4P380/5014309×4June 8th1050X 1000X1180360
XXXP-B36361.5-4P380/5014309×4June 8th1050X 1000X1180360

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