Knife Strip Comparator BC04-Auxiliary

Product Introduction
The BC04 tool bar comparator is an instrument used to compare the consistency of two-sided or three-sided sharpening of sharp-toothed cutter lines. Milling cutter strips can be compared with various tint structures, such as CYCON, CYARC, etc.

1. The structure is compact and compact, and the equipment can be placed on the desktop as a whole for operation;
2. High precision, detection accuracy up to 0.5μm;
3. Independent research and development of analysis and calculation software, easy to operate;

Product function configuration
1. Probe: 2 main edges, 2 secondary edges, 1 rake face;
2. Probe measurement position: on the cutting edge of the knife edge or on the plane of the cutting edge;
3. The angle, left and right, up and down position of the probe can be adjusted;
4. The minimum spacing of two probe measuring points on the same side can be adjusted to 5mm;
5. The zero precision of the standard knife gauge can be accurate to 0.0001mm;
6. Use high-hardness and wear-resistant materials for the positioning position of the measuring datum and the top of the knife.

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