GMC4252b bridge type high-speed gantry machining center

Advantages and features:
The overhead gantry structure covers about 56% of the area of the traditional mobile workbench type. The X and Y axes adopt heavy-duty linear rolling guides, and the Z-axis square ram touches the hard rail structure on eight sides.
The fixed table doubles the load-bearing capacity and the machining characteristics of the machine are not affected by the quality of the workpiece. The “line-hard” combination of the vertical orthogonal linear guide of the beam and the sliding hard guide.
The X-axis of the beam is designed with a double column and a center of gravity drive to improve the stability of machining.

Spindle temperature controlled water cooler
X-axis synchronous dual drive with full closed-loop grating scale
Double spiral and transverse chain chip conveyors
Three-axis German Alpha precision planetary reducer

Product parameters:

Main technical parameters:unitGMC2232bGMC2732bGMC3242bGMC4252bGMC42120b
X-axis travelmm320032004200520012200
Y-axis travelmm22002700320042004200
Z-axis travelmm10001250125012501250
W-axis travelmm300-1300300-1550300-1550400-1650400-1650
Gantry effective passage widthmm28003300380048004800
Table sizemm3000X20003000X25004000X30005000X400012000X4000
The maximum load capacity of the workbenchT/m2300003800060000100000240000
Table T-slot (slot width)mm28-9-22028-11-22028-13-22036-3-100036-8-600(长)
Spindle taperBT50BT50BT50BT50BT50BT50
Maximum spindle speedrpm30003000300030003000
Spindle powerkW22/2630/3730/3730/3730/37
Spindle torqueN.m716/8461274/15721274/15721274/15721274/1572
Rapid traverse speed (X/Y/Z/W)mm/min15000/15000/1000012000/12000/800010000/10000/800010000/10000/800010000/10000/8000
Cutting feed rate (XY/Z/W)mm/min
Positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z)mm0.018/0.016/0.0180.018/0.018/0.0200.023/0.020/0.0200.028/0.025/0.0200.065/0.025/0.020
Repeatability (X/YIZ)mm0.014/0.012/0.0120.014/0.014/0.0130.016/0.015/0.0130.020/0.018/0.0130.055/0.018/0.013
Total power supply capacitykVA7080808095
Machine weightkg48000520006200080000142000
Machine dimensionsmm6350X5350X61206350X5850X61207550X6450X612085000X7800X612018800X7800X6120

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