GMC3262bu five-axis bridge gantry machining center

Performance characteristics:
The column is designed with a “honeycomb” biomimetic structure, which has high structural rigidity.
The integrated bed workbench and column form a U-shaped frame structure, with strong structural rigidity and high stability.
The long-span and high-rigidity gantry welded beam with cable fine-tuning mechanism effectively solves the problem that the long-term accuracy retention of the long-term crossbeam is not high and cannot be adjusted.

Optional CNC system Heidenhain TNC640
Optional automatic tool measuring system, automatic workpiece measuring system
Optional 15000rpm- (HSK-A100) high rigidity motorized spindle
Optional 40 tool magazines

Product parameters:

Main technical parameters:unitGMC2232buGMC2242buGMC2742buGMC3262bu
X-axis travelmm2200420042006200
Y-axis travelmm3200220027003200
Z-axis travelmm1250125012501250
The distance from the spindle end face to the work surfacemm250-1500250-1500250-1500250-1500
The distance between the two columnsmm4000300035004000
Table sizemm3200X22004000X22004000X25006000X3000
The maximum load capacity of the workbenchkg/m?5000500050005000
Table T-slot (slot width – number of slots – spacing)mm28-13-24028-9-22028-11-24028-13-220
Spindle taperHSK-A63HSK-A63HSK-A63HSK-A63
Maximum spindle speedrpm18000180001800018000
Spindle powerkW56/7056/7056/7056/70
Spindle torqueN.m89/11189/11189/11189/111
Maximum sway/rotation speedrpmA=100 C=100A=100 C=100A=100 C=100A=100 C=100
Maximum swing/rotation torqueN.mA=1200 C=1100A=1200 C=1100A=1200 C=1100A=1200 C=1100
Gripping forceN.mA=2160 C=3024A=2160 C=3024A=2160 C=3024A=2160 C=3024
Swing/rotation angleA=±105 C=±240A=±105 C=±240A=±105 C=±240A=±105 C=±240
Fast traverse speed (X/Y/Z)mm/min15000/15000/1500015000/15000/1500015000/15000/1500015000/15000/15000
Cutting feed rate (XNIZ)mm/min1-12000/1-12000/1-120001-6000/1-6000/1-120001-1600/1-6000/1-60001-1600/1-6000/1-6000
Positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z)mm0.014/0.016/0.0120.020/0.014/0.0120.020/0.016/0.0120.030/0.016/0.012
Repeatability (X/YIZ)mm0.010/0.012/0.0080.016/0.010/0.0080.016/0.012/0.0080.024/0.012/0.008
Total power supply capacitykVA150150150150
Machine weightkg62000680007100096000
Machine dimensionsmm8600X6100X66008200X7600X66008200X8100X660010200X8600X6600

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