GDC1640m moving column type gantry drilling and milling center

Advantages and characteristics:

It is mainly suitable for large and medium-sized tubular plates, discs and steel beam mechanism connectors, and parts with drilling as the main processing process, with high hole processing accuracy and high cost performance.
The X and Y axes are made of heavy-duty roller linear guides, the Z axis is made of hard rails to ensure the rigidity of the machine tool, the X-direction adopts the gantry moving form, the double service motor is driven, the planetary reducer is decelerated, and the precision anti-backlash rack and pinion pair is driven, and the positioning accuracy is high.
Taiwan famous brand spindle, synchronous belt deceleration transmission, spindle torque, cooling system using large flow, high head water pump, to ensure that the tool is fully cooled under high-speed cutting.

The FANUC 0i-MF Plus is standard equipment

Double-sided screw chip conveyor is standard

It is equipped with 12 in-line tool changers as standard

Equipped with work area protection as standard

Product parameters:

Main technical parameters:unitGDC1230mGDC1640mGDC2530mGDC3065m
X-axis travelmm3000400030006500
Y-axis travelmm1250160025003000
Z-axis travelmm500500500500
The distance from the spindle end face to the work surfacemm150-650150-650150-650200-700
Distance between columnsmm1600180027003400
Table sizemm3000X12504000X16003000X25006500X3000
The maximum load capacity of the workbenchkg600080001000018000
Table T-slot (slot width – number of slots – spacing)mm28-18-20028-19-20028-14-20028-30-200
Spindle taperBT50BT50BT50BT50
Maximum spindle speedrpm3000300030003000
Spindle powerkW15/18.515/18.515/18.515/18.5
Spindle torqueN.m191/230191/230191/230191/230
Fast traverse speed (X/Y/Z)mm/min8000/12000/80008000/12000/80008000/12000/80008000/12000/8000
Cutting feed rate (XY/Z)mm/min1-6000/1-6000/1-60001-6000/1-6000/1-60001-6000/1-6000/1-60001-6000/1-6000/1-6000
Positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z)mm0.05/3000.05/3000.05/3000.05/300
Repeatability (X/Y/Z)mm0.025/3000.025/3000.025/3000.025/300
Total power supply capacitykVA35353550
Machine weightkg12000180002400038000
Machine dimensionsmm5200X3200X28006500X3600X28005200X4500X28009000X5000X2850

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