Full CNC vertical tool loader CB40-auxiliary

Product Introduction
CB40 full CNC vertical tool loader is a kind of machine tool for correcting spiral bevel gear cutting tools, which can realize the adjustment of the radial runout error of the cutter bar and the control of the axial error of the sharp-toothed rack cutter head. The measuring cycle of the tool loader is a fully automatic process, which realizes its precision measurement function through a high-precision scanning probe and relies on a high-precision positioning device to realize the adjustment function of the installation accuracy of the tool strip.

1. The machine tool adopts a vertical structure;
2. The cutterhead spindle adopts an electric spindle structure;
3. Each axis is equipped with high-precision angle encoder and high-precision linear grating ruler, with high precision and stable performance;
4. The self-developed tool loader control software is integrated into the UMAC numerical control system, and the human-computer interaction is simple and convenient;
5. The installation of the cutter head and the adjustment of the cutter bar are simple and convenient, and the loading efficiency is high.

Product function configuration
1. The machine tool has the function of installing a sharp-toothed rack-shaped cutter strip cutterhead;
2. The machine adopts full closed-loop control mode, and the XYZ axis is equipped with high-precision linear grating;
3. The high-precision scanning probe is used to realize the absolute measurement of the cutting edge;
4. Equipped with automatic knife pressing device;
5. Cutterhead end face runout detection;
6. Detection and adjustment of axial end jump error of cutterhead cutter bar;
7. Link with CyDesignH software;
8. Fully automatic knife detection and knife loading;
9. Printout of test results.

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