Double-station CNC worm grinding wheel gear grinding machine–H30D-cylindrical gear processing machine

Product Introduction:
H30D double-station CNC worm grinding wheel gear grinding machine is a 13-axis CNC five-axis linkage gear grinding machine, which grinds involute cylindrical gears through continuous indexing. The machine tool is a fully enclosed structure, under the condition of ambient temperature +5 °C ~ +36 °C, the grinding accuracy can reach the technical indicators of GB/T10095.1-2001 gear accuracy standard level 5 accuracy, and the tooth roughness is Ra0.8.

It is suitable for wind power generation, high-speed trains, intercity rail transit, aerospace, medium and high-end cars, abrasives, electronic components, energy, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, mining and minerals, gas and natural gas, semiconductors, solar energy and electronics, ships and other industries for high-precision gear grinding processing needs.
H30D gear grinding machine integrates the advantages of numerical control technology, adopts composite grinding technology and double worktable interchange structure, improves the machining efficiency of machine tools, saves feeding and tool setting time, ensures high speed, high rigidity and high stability, realizes automatic grinding, automatic modification, automatic tool setting, online grinding wheel automatic balance function, equipped with manipulator and other components, can realize automatic loading and unloading.

Outstanding features of the machine tool:
1. Technology platform for forming grinding and continuous expansion grinding
●Wide range of configurations: forming grinding and continuous expansion grinding can be carried out on the same machine tool;
●Reasonable machine tool design realizes a variety of processing possibilities within the processing range: external gear grinding, cycloidal gear grinding
●Simple, ergonomic operation ensures fast and error-free changeovers: only the grinding wheel, flange and diamond dressing rollers need to be replaced in less than 5 minutes.
●The powerful dressing unit facilitates economical and precise dressing of grinding wheels, which can realize all commonly used dressings
●Extremely dynamic drive for high-precision production
2. Smaller space footprint
●The small installation size means that there is not much space requirement for the installation site
●The independent structure is convenient for the transportation and installation of the machine tool
●Since all the installed parts are outside the workshop, the cleaning time is greatly reduced
●All machine tool components can be easily reached, the grinding oil supply structure is simple, the adjustment is convenient, and it is in line with engineering.
3. High efficiency and energy saving
The table drive system software automatically and quickly adjusts to the load torque changes due to different workpiece weights. Advantages: Rapid production and stable quality with minimal consumables. Energy-saving, efficient and stable.

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